Adrian West, Filmmaker

"CILTEP. I’ve tried this stuff a few months ago and extreme cognitive benefits. When I first tried it, it was brand new and I felt like it took an effect on my brain in minutes… When I’m at a desk job, like I am here at my studio, I’m good all day. I’ll take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I’m concentrating all day long and am crushing it, getting a lot of work done."


Jerry Daniels, Software Engineer

"I started out today by taking CILTEP. It’s a nootropic, it helps with cognitive enhancement. I’m a 65 year old software developer so I have to have my whits about me and I have to have a good memory and CILTEP really helps me with that. Also, the great thing with CILTEP is that it goes great with caffeine.So if you’re a coffee drinker or if you’d like some kind of caffeine that if very smooth, SmartCaffeine is something they produce that I recommend."

Anthony, Medical Student

"I’m a big fan of Natural Stacks. And this is mainly because they’ve got this really honest approach. It’s quite simple really, it’s to sell products that actually work. And with really transparent ingredients so you can look up what’s in them. And you know that the dose is the effective dosage that is mentioned in the scientific studies. And although this sounds like an obvious, simple thing. This is actually really rare in the supplement industry."

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