Can I heat up Natural Protein and use it in cooking?

No; the type of Whey that we use in our Natural Protein is called Proserum.  Exposing this to high temperatures denatures the proteins, thus, making them ineffective.  Also, avoid excessively blending Natural Protein.  A shaker bottle is recommended.  Use of an electric blender is acceptable on low speed.  This is to ensure the protein peptides stay intact and deliver optimal nutrient uptake.  If adding to a smoothie, first blend together all other ingredients before gently blending in Natural protein at the end.

Is Natural Protein vegan or vegetarian?

No, since it contains whey (from milk), colostrum, and bovine collagen.

Is Natural Protein gluten free?


Is your whey from grass fed cows sweetened or flavored with anything, and what you use to do so.

Natural Protein contains no sweeteners whatsoever.  Natural Protein (Cacao) is flavored with raw Ecuadorian cacao and ground Madagascar vanilla bean.  Natural Protein (Vanilla) is flavored with only ground Madagascar vanilla bean.

Does Natural Protein contain lactose? If yes, how much?

Natural Protein has a very low lactose level that should be well tolerated by most lactose-sensitive people. 1 serving of Natural Protein (19 grams) contains 1.3 grams of lactose, which is considered well below the level for intolerance.

Does Natural Protein contain calcium, and if so, how much?

Calcium is naturally found in the whey and collagen, both ingredients in the Natural Protein. There are 200mg of naturally occurring calcium in each serving (19g) of Natural Protein. Please note you may see the complete list of ingredients here, and be aware that Natural Protein does not contain sugar.

I am currently trying to conceive, thinking ahead and wondering about the warning label. Some protein powders say to consult a doctor before use if pregnant but yours said NOT to use. Is there a reason for this? Is it raw milk?

Natural Protein is similar to other high quality whey / collagen protein powders.  We are just conservative with our labeling.

We foresee no conflict, but we do recommend that she consult a healthcare practitioner before taking  Natural Protein or any nutritional supplement if she is pregnant/nursing, has or suspects a medical condition, taking any medications, or other non-Natural Stacks™ dietary supplements.

Why do you use a 2:1 ratio of protein?

It's a full spectrum protein, in a ratio that's close to what's found in nature; this provides a complete amino acid profile for optimal performance and recovery.  Most people forget about collegen protein or don't understand its importance to support both your muscle tissue and your connective tissue matrices.

Is your proprietary filtration and drying method a cold-filtered process?

Our whey is pasteurized at 161 degrees for 15 seconds, there is no additional heat used in the process, this process is known as flash pasteurization. The term cold-filtered is more of a marketing term, since all whey must be pasteurized, the other method is to pasteurize at 141 degrees for 30 minutes.

Is your Protein safe for college, professional, or Olympic athletes who are drug-tested?

Yes. As part of our Open Source mission, we list every ingredient and every amount right on the product label. As a consumer, you know exactly what you're putting into your body. None of our products contain banned substances, and all our products meet our strict labeling requirements.

Further, we have several professional and Olympic athletes who use our Physical Performance Stack (Protein, BCAAs, and BioCreatine) and have no compliance issues with MLB, NCAA, NFL, WADA, or IOC testing protocols. They're completely confident in the results they're getting with our products and they have peace of mind knowing they'll pass all tests!

Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes! All orders purchased through are backed by our 30-day 100% money back guarantee from the date of purchase. If in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied with Natural Protein, you can email our support desk for an RMA form and Natural Stacks Inc will refund your order after bottles are returned (shipping & handling charges are not refundable).

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