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Powered By CILTEP: Martin Jacobson Wins World Series of Poker Main Event

November 16th, 2014


Natural Stacks CILTEP had a hand in helping Martin Jacobson win the World Series of Poker 2014 Main Event and $10 million this past week. Jacobson, also known as “Swede”, began with 8 to 1 odds at the WSOP Las Vegas November Nine table.

He outlasted the eight other finalists for twelve continuous gaming hours Monday night through Tuesday morning, and took down the final two competitors Tuesday night after another four hours of gameplay.

Jacobson credited CILTEP for helping him achieve such extended focus and concentration:

“I’ve relied on CILTEP as my go-to product to optimize mental performance for the WSOP. I’ve noticed a remarkable difference in my ability to spend hours at a table without a break in concentration.”

The 27-year-old health-conscious poker pro originally planned on becoming a world-class chef at a Michelin star restaurant, but everything changed after he qualified for the WSOP main event in 2008. Jacobson, 21 at the time, traveled to Las Vegas and ended up getting knocked out after the third hand. The loss initially shocked Jacobson, but didn’t deter him for long as he went on to win over $250,000 later that year.


Today, after his win at the 2014 WSOP Main Event, Jacobson finds himself the 9th ranked player in the world with an endless amount of opportunities in front of him.

“I played close to perfect, maybe,” Jacobson said during post- game interviews. 


“I don’t think there’s anything such as a perfect tournament, since you will always make some errors here or there. But I eliminated most of my mistakes, and played pretty well overall.” 

The final hand brought a chant of “10 for 10!” through the pit, where we all stood anxiously with Jacobson’s coaches and friends. Jacobson’s pair of 10s were matched with a third 10 in the flop, solidifying his win of $10 million dollars and the WSOP 2014 Main Event Champion title.

For us it was an absolute privilege sponsoring Martin.

We literally could not ask for a better ambassador for Natural Stacks or a better story. The first day of action Martin was in last place with 6 million chips, but as the action progressed he seemed to get stronger. The mental endurance provided by CILTEP clearly gave him an edge over his opponents who started to wane as time went on.


After watching Martin outperform his competition with mental agility and continued motivation, we were confident his mental endurance sustained by CILTEP would make him a WSOP champion.



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