This Form Of Magnesium Reverse Brain Aging and Restores Neurons

This Form Of Magnesium Reverse Brain Aging and Restores Neurons

The only magnesium to cross the blood brain barrier, MagTein can reverse the aging process, lower brain age by 9 years, restore lost executive function, and increase synapse density in as little as 2-4 weeks.

Increased synapse density resulting from MagTein supplementation.

Increased cognitive function resulting from 6 weeks of MagTein supplementation.


Today's guest on Episode #32 of the Optimal Performance Podcast is Dr. Jennifer Gu, Vice President of Research & Development for AIDP. (AIDP is the company who holds the patent for MagTein - the backbone of our MagTech formulation)

MagTein, a patented form of magnesium-l-threonate, is the only magnesium supplement that crosses the blood barrier. In doing so, it elevates brain concentrations of magnesium, restores neurons, enhances synapse density and decreases brain age.


"MagTein brings brain cells back to life for a more effective brain and better quality of life at every stage"
What You'll Learn About MagTein from Dr. Jennifer Gu in this episode:
  • Why AIDP is "The Authority" on nutritional ingredients and premium scientific supplements
  • The discovery of MagTein in the 1990's in the Department of Neuroscience at UCLA
  • How MagTein occurs naturally and what allows it to cross our blood-brain barrier when no other magnesium can...
  • What "Milk of Magnesia" and other anti-constipation medications reveal about most magnesium supplements
  • Hospital's IV doses of magnesium sulfate increase BLOOD magnesium by 300%, but only increase BRAIN levels by 15%. When this same form of magnesium is taken as a supplement, even LESS reaches the brain - that's why you're not noticing anything from lower quality magnesium supplements.
  • MagTein, even at 1/3 of the RDA for magnesium, results in 10X Concentration in BRAIN magnesium vs the rest of the body.
  • Increasing synapse density so you get improved memory and better overall brain function - as reported by MIT scientists and Nobel Prize winning co-author Susumu Tonegawa in Neuron - the Gold Standard in Journals for neuroscientists.
  • REVERSING AGING! MagTein lowers brain age by 9 years and had been demonstrated to restore dying neurons.
  • Achieving optimal brain levels in 2-4 weeks, and staying there by maintaining MagTein levels. (see image below)
  • Discovering why cognitive function declines with aging and how MagTein is REVERSING this
  • Researchers are working to make "more effective forms" of for an upcoming study from Stanford!
  • How Dr. Gu chooses her supplements and which company's to trust
  • Get more from Dr. Jennifer Gu
  • Dr. Gu's Top 3 tips to #LiveOptimal


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**Disclaimer: MagTein is a nutritional supplement and we make no claims that it can cure, treat or prevent any diseases.**

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