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Natural Stacks USA

“What we are (entrepreneurs & athletes) has a lot to do with who we are (Natural Stacks).”

As former collegiate athletes and martial artists, we have always known the value of performing at one’s peak. A training session without proper technique or nutrition, is just wasted time.

Now as entrepreneurs we’ve realized how important it is to prepare the mind for optimal mental performance, just like you would the body.

We started searching for safe and effective supplements to boost cognition, but our efforts were fruitless. What we found was that many of the listed “benefits” were bogus and unsupported by any type of research, while other companies hid their ingredient dosages behind “proprietary formulas” or secret blends. And to make it even worse, many supplements had potentially harmful negative side effects.

We decided to do something about it - so we created Natural Stacks. We have one single, yet ambitious vision...


Everyone is different. A complex brain formula may work really well for some people, but you may try it and not get the same results. With so many different ingredients (or variables) it’s impossible to pinpoint what ingredients are actually effective for you.

Natural Stacks changes that.

We are NOT another supplement company that’s going to combine 10-15 different ingredients into some magic formula and claim that these specific quantities of these 15 different ingredients is exactly what you need. We aren’t hiding behind any made up “proprietary formulas”.

Each Natural Stack product contains only several proven ingredients with real nutrient properties. Each ingredient has a very defined biomechanical purpose to enhance your cognitive state, and we explain how the mechanisms work in a way that’s easy to understand on our website.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to optimize their mental performance, without compromise - to enjoy supplements that truly enhance your mind and body, with a long list of positive side effects.

Learn about our dedication to quality.