Business, Relationships and Entrepreneurship with Crossfit Kapaa

Business, Relationships and Entrepreneurship with Crossfit Kapaa

Ever heard of the "shot of tequila" theory?

You're about to...


Crossfit Kapaa owners Charlotte Psaila and Corey Miller join us on Episode 24 of the Optimal Performance Podcast to discuss owning a Crossfit box, the realities of running a business, the "shot of tequila" theory, personality tests, and inspiring young entrepreneurs.

Charlotte Psaila and her boyfriend Corey Miller defied friends, family, and logic when they saved a dying gym, bought into commercial real estate and built a thriving community at Crossfit Kapaa in Kapa'a, Hawaii.

Listen to their story to see how you can achieve the impossible, find balance in your life, and #LiveOptimal.


What You'll Hear From Charlotte & Corey at Crossfit Kapaa in this episode:

  • Why this young couple started Crossfit Kapa'a
  • Can a gym have a community? How can you develop that?
  • The "shot of tequila" theory...
  • How these entrepreneurs moved forward when everyone said NOT TO
  • Learning to accept and adapt to the ups and downs of life and business
  • How to get creative with your problem solving
  • The importance of finding balance and how to de-stress
  • Why you should find a mentor and how to seek guidance on your own journey
  • Realizing that businesses MUST profit in order to continue serving their customer base
  • Tips to grow your passion and your own movement
  • Where to get more from Charlotte & Corey
  • Balancing business and relationship when your business partner is also your significant other
  • The power of "Divide & Conquer" in business partnerships
  • BONUS TIPS: Top 6 tips (3 from each) to #LiveOptimal

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