Why Showering With Bacteria Is The Future Of Hygiene

Why Showering With Bacteria Is The Future Of Hygiene

Warning: After reading this, you may stop bathing!

Ok, maybe that's an overreaction.

But at the very least, we hope that this episode of the Optimal Performance Podcast forces you to pause, consider and maybe rethink your beliefs on personal hygiene.

As you'll hear from industry leader Jasmina Aganovic, our modern personal care products are steeped in 100 year-old misinformation that the burgeoning chemical industry pushed onto the personal care industry in the late 1800's.

Fortunately, modern-day scientists are conducting research that shines light on these missteps and provides answers for how we should be caring for our skin and addressing our personal hygiene.

And it turns out, more bacteria and less sterilization may be the answer...

Confusing Sterile and Clean Actually Leads To INCREASED Inflammation

"Virtually every modern skin condition is rooted in inflammation and if you look at how we're treating our skin, we've confused clean and sterile and that has believed bacteria is a bad thing and that has dictated so much of the personal care industry."

Like our gut, our skin has a microbiome of it's own.

Our largest organ and first line of defense, our skin uses bacteria as a go-between to communicate with our environment and our immune system. The personal care industry is built on products that wipe out this microbiome and sterilize our skin - leaving our skin "blind" to it's environment. 

Without communication or sensory input from the outside world, our immune system goes on the offensive - living in a constant state of inflammation. This is the underlying cause of most of today's skin issues.

There's more.

Much more, including the elimination of toxic ammonia, using bacteria sprays to replace deodorant and moisturizers, and tips to care for your skin at every age.

MIT-trained Biological and Chemical Engineer Jasmina Aganovic of Mother Dirt is here to explain and entertain. Enjoy!

What you'll hear from Jasmina Aganovic and Mother Dirt about our skin microbiome:

  • Similar to the gut, our skin has a microbiome that is crucial to our overall wellbeing
  • How modern hygiene has negatively impacted our skin microbiome - and what that means for your health and hygiene habits
  • Clean and sterile are not the same thing - why you need some bacteria in your life
  • How over-sterilization actually does more harm
  • Find out which personal care product ingredients you need to avoid
  • How the chemical industry determined the course of the personal care industry in the late 1800's - and why it's time for a change!
  • Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria (AoB's) and why you should be covering skin with this bacteria!
  • Science lesson: the nitrogen cycle and the toxic by product ammonia
  • No more deodorant? How an AoB spray can remove your need for deodorants.
  • Modern humans exist in a state of nitropenia - an unhealthy state of nitrogen deficiency. Learn how Mother Dirt is investigating possible solutions to this through the use of AoBs
  • Stripping our skin of it's natural bacteria removes the communication between our skin cells, brain and the environment - causing our skin to go into an "offensive" and alarmed state - otherwise known as chronic inflammation. This mechanism is believed to contribute to most modern diseases of inflamed skin
  • Join the AoLabs program and be a part of Mother Dirt's beta-testing team!
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  • Your skin care needs for each decade from your 20's to your 50's and beyond
  • Where you can get more of Jasmina and Mother Dirt
  • Jasmina's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal
  • BONUS: Jasmina's 2 Book Recommendations

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Jasmina's Book Suggestions:

  1. Essentialism by Greg McKeown
  2. Originals by Adam Grant

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