Nootrobox Yawn Review

Nootrobox Yawn Review

Review of Nootrobox Yawn Nootropic

As part of their supplement line "designed to help you get the most out of your mental state", Nootrobox calls Yawn their nootropic that helps you get to sleep faster, helps produce a deeper sleep, and helps you wake up feeling more refreshed.

Why Are We Telling You About Another Supplement Company's Nootropic? 

Simple. We want you to be informed.

As part of our open-source initiative to turn the supplement industry upside-down, we're shining a spotlight on our own ingredients and formulations - as well as everyone else's.

What is Nootrobox Yawn?

The cleverly named Yawn is advertised to help you "get the most out of your rest." Nootrobox says their "ingredients were selected for their components that optimize each phase of sleep" to help consumers fall asleep faster, improve the quality of that sleep, and help create a refreshed feeling upon waking up.

One negative that stands out to us is that Nootrobox Yawn contains only 10 pills per bottle...that doesn't fit anyone's lifestyle if you're using this as a daily support and could become costly quickly. 

So how are they delivering these benefits?

What's In Nootrobox Yawn?

Melatonin, Glycine, L-Theanine, and Magnesium Citrate are the nootropic ingredients in Yawn.

Melatonin works with your biological clock by telling your brain when it is time to sleep. It's sort of a "sledgehammer" when all you need is a light tap. Melatonin is not a supplement that one should be taking nightly. As such, we prefer a more gentle approach that is sustainable for long-term use. [1]

Glycine is an amino acid used in the chemical signals in the brain and could be useful for improving memory. However, this has not been studied in detail therefore it is lacking scientific proof. Glycine has no direct effect on sleep aid. [2]

L-Theanine is known to increase feelings of relaxation as well as combat the negative effects of overconsumption of caffeine. However, that it significantly aids the sleep process apart from helping induce a relaxed state of mind is not proven. In fact, many studies show L-Theanine can increase mental alertness. [3, 4

Magnesium Citrate has been known to act as a mild sedative as well as having a protective effect against depression. Supplementing magnesium can act as a mild sedative, and having healthy magnesium levels is also associated with having a protective effect against depression. Magnesium has proven to be one of the best aids in producing a healthy sleep cycle. [5]

Your Sleep Solution

Arguably the single most important activity you can do to optimize cognition is to have sufficient, high-quality, fully cycled sleep. Today's demanding and stimulatory society is full of distractions that make it challenging to reliably obtain high-quality sleep.

Here are 6 lifestyle habits and tips to help you optimize your sleep.

And here are our Top Supplements for Sleep

  1. MagTech is made up of the three most neuro-enriching types of magnesium known to produce deeper sleep, greater calm, faster learning, and improved memory. It contains no Melatonin, only powerful forms of Magnesium most known for producing a stronger and more healthy sleep cycle. Natural Stacks keeps it simple and open-sourced to ensure a measurable positive neurological and physiological effect.

  2. Prebiotic+ is a resistant starch compound which improves digestion, metabolism, and gut health. These physiological improvements also lead to a deeper and more restful sleep.


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