Joel Salatin: The Surprising Truth About Agriculture and Money

Joel Salatin: The Surprising Truth About Agriculture and Money

What would you say if your local farmer pulled up the farmer's market in a new BMW?


What does your answer tell you about our perception of farming?

Orthodoxy and conventional stereotypes say there is no money and no future in farming.

Joel Salatin disagrees.

Last weekend, I saw him speak to the small town of Monterey in Highland County, Virginia.

The event, "New Demands, New Markets, New Opportunities" was coordinated by Steve and Somers Fullerton as an effort to highlight the revolutionary breakthrough in farming practices, the growing consumer demand for high quality foods from local and konwn sources, and the emerging opportunities these unique circumstances create for enterprising farmings.

The average American farm requires $4 of depreciable infrastructure to produce $1 in gross sales per year. Our model is $0.50 to $1." - Joel Salatin

Do the math on that and you're looking at an 8X increase in profitability!

 THAT the orthodoxy of American Commercial Farming is broken is not the question. The question is 'HOW do we fix it?'.

Joel's answer is simple: one bite at a time and by each of us doing our part.

This special edition of the Optimal Performance Podcast is an on-location episode that showcases Joel's methods and offers guidelines for farmers and action items for consumers to continue the positive momentum of this grass-fed, beyond organic movement.

Listen, enjoy, give us your feedback.

What You'll Hear From Joel Salatin on this episode of the OPP:

  • What makes Polyface Farms different from the "Orthodoxy" of the American Industrial Agriculture System
  • Discover how shockingly EASY it is to start your own Polyface-style farming operation (We're talking an acre of land and under $1,000!)
  • Where to shop, how to 
  • The juxtaposition of East & West and the importance of finding balance - on your farm, in business, and in life
  • How to avoid monocultures and create symbiotic ecosystems wherever you live
  • The importance of multiple use infrastructure for profitability in any business
  • Look for ways to leverage your resources to reduce external dependency and simultaneously improve your ecosystem
  • Carbon Farming: more organic matter is your soil = more water storage = more drought resistant
  • Carbon diapers, fermented corn, anaerobic dirt, rooting pigs, and aeration of the soil cycle...
  • The Polyface Breakthrough: using Appreciating infrastructure creates a business model with size neutral profit potential
  • The problem is between your ears: "Constipation of the imagination"
  • Using lightweight, portable infrastructure to run the Biomass Accumulation Restart button - how to "farm grass" for maximum soil, sunlight, and carbon efficiency
  • How to see a 5-10X increase in revenue without having to increase overhead or infrastructure
  • Replacing mass with intelligence
  • WHY the average American farmer is 60 years old... (when young people can't - or don't want to get in, old people can't get out)
  • The average farm in America requires $4 of input to make $1. In contrast, the Polyface method only takes $0.50 to make $1. 
  • How Senator Rand Paul is getting involved to help move Joel's mission forward
  • Tweet: "According to the US government, we as citizens do not have the right to the food of our choice - even if we grow it ourself" - Joel Salatin
  • Why "safe" is not an objective term
  • Some cool information you probably don't know about Michael Pollan's book, The Omnivore's Dilemma
  • Joel Salatin's Top 3 Tips To #LiveOptimal

Links & Resources

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Find a Herdshare near you at Real Milk

The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan

Special thanks to Karim Rashad at HM Branding for his audio/video expertise and for making this happen for us.

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