65% of Vitamin D Products Fail To Meet Label Claims

65% of Vitamin D Products Fail To Meet Label Claims

It’s time for another post in our “Watchdog Series”.

This time, the crosshairs are hovering over Vitamin D supplements.

Two separate investigations have discovered alarming trends…

A Consumer Labs report found that 29% of Vitamin D products failed to meet label claims.

Independent lab testing of more than 30 leading products revealed major issues meeting label claims. [1]

  • 29% of products tested did not meet labeling claims
  • One gummy product made for kids had more than 250% of the Vitamin D listed on the label
  • That same company made a gummy for adults with only 32% of the claimed Vitamin D content
  • 2 products contained lead
  • Several other products failed to list allergens that were in the products, while one failed to list government required safety claims

A Finnish investigation found that ONLY 8 of 23 products were within 20% of their label claims.

This second one is crazy.

According to Finland's Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, Evira (Finland's Food Safety Authority) tested 23 Vitamin D supplements and 3 more Vitamin D "sprays". [2]

2 of 3 sprays did not meet labeling claims.

Here's where it get's absurd...

15 of the 23 pill-based products tested had a variance of greater than 20% from their label claims.

That's a whopping 65%.

And the 8 “good products" simply had to be within 20% of the label claim to pass.

But the reality is, they could be anywhere between 0-20% variance from their label claims (details were not disclosed).

Our Mission: Change A Flawed Industry

This is a prime example of why the supplement industry drives us crazy.

This is why we started Natural Stacks - to produce high quality, premium supplements with full transparency and to bring a trusted product to the space that we were comfortable taking ourselves - and comfortable sharing with our parents, spouses, friends, and YOU.

It’s also why we hold our suppliers and manufacturers to a 0-3% variance standard. As you know, our last run of MagTech had a 0% variance!

We’ll be talking more about our Open Source Initiative and third party testing protocols very soon…

In the meantime, keep getting outdoors for optimal Vitamin D levels. 

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