7 Health Sources You Can Trust (Bookmark These Now!)

7 Health Sources You Can Trust (Bookmark These Now!)

So you're looking for the internet's best resources for health and nutrition. You've come to the right place.

If you've ever been burned by shoddy advice online or fell for the flashy tactics of a snake oil salesman or internet guru (which are a dime a dozen, by the way), this article is for you.

Below are some of the internet's most trustworthy resources to turn to for all your health, nutrition, and supplementation advice. When you can't quite tell what's real and what's hype, what's fact or fiction, these are the places to turn to for clarity and truth.

#1 Diet Vs Disease - "Prevention is the best medicine"

Diet Vs Disease has a single agenda: to objectively communicate the findings of scientific studies...

- Without bias.

- In plain English that anyone can understand.

- With informed advice on how to apply that knowledge into your own life.

If you subscribe to the notion that prevention is the best medicine, then this is a page you should familiarize yourself with. We know how important diet is as it relates to overall human health and performance, and Diet Vs. Disease gives it to you straight from the horse's mouth -- pure evidence, no misguided speculation or hype.

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#2 Found My Fitness - "Nutrition best practices for longevity and performance"

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is the brilliant scientist and previous podcast guest behind this operation. What's great about Found My Fitness is that Dr. Patrick retrieves the most cutting edge scientific studies on topics like longevity, brain health, fasting, performance, and shares only actionable, specific diet and lifestyle recommendations.

The vast majority of health resources online suffer from non-specificity and regurgitated content from other outlets -- not so with Dr. Patrick. Every piece of content, whether that's an article, a video, or podcast episode, is so meticulously entrenched in the scientific evidence, that it's likely your idea of what constitutes as a reputable source will be changed for the better.

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#3 - "The unbiased encyclopedia on supplement research" is the Wikipedia for nutritional supplements -- nothing more, nothing less. 

Doses, best sources, benefits, absorption concerns, stacking advice, and beyond, Examine is the #1 best resource for all your supplement science. Each nutrient or supplement entry is assessed based on the weight of the evidence (either for or against), and for those looking to optimize their supplement routine and really learn what the science says, Examine is the ultimate resource you can trust.

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#4 Alan Aragon - "The wise sage of health and fitness advice"

Not only does his name sound like a Lord of The Rings character, but he's got equal parts brain and braun, meaning he's the rare breed of expert who practices exactly what he preaches. 

Alan Aragon is a fitness and nutrition researcher and writer, with one of the industry's most highly respected newsletters (The Alan Aragon Research Review). Because of his almost unmatched familiarity with nutrition and fitness research, Alan brings a refreshing perspective on health that is both informed and highly rational. He's evidence-based, and offers some of the most balanced and practical health advice you're likely to find online.


#5 Suppversity - "Nutrition and exercise science for everyone" is your resource for endless supplement knowledge, but Suppversity is the place to go for the most groundbreaking new research. 

If you're interested in using supplements for physical and mental performance, Adel and his team of technical wizards provide the bottom line on the day's hottest and most controversial topics. If a study makes it through this gauntlet of scientific scrutiny and comes out in the green, then that's the stuff of real news, unlike the sensationalized "breaking news" headlines we're exposed to every single day.

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#6 Cate Shanahan - "For nutrition advice that works"

For those willing, health and nutrition is a rabbit hole with no end. The deeper you go, the more complicated things seem to get. Thankfully, Dr. Cate Shanahan, author of the acclaimed book Deep Nutrition, offers a holistic approach to health that sidesteps the shiny trends and fads, while cutting straight to what we all want: health advice that actually works. 

The health industry is an ecosystem comprised of specialists. Dr. Shanahan merges multiple disciplines in the health industry and gives you 99% of what you need to know (and do) to live a healthy, high performing life. 


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#7 Precision Nutrition - "The leader in nutrition education, coaching, and certification"

When it comes to continued education, Precision Nutrition is beyond compare. PN offers comprehensive coursework on the fundamentals of sound nutrition practices, but that's just table stakes. Over the years, PN has become a highly respected organization that helps people overcome one of the biggest hurdles to changing life habits -- mindset. PN nails it in the science department (they are on top of the industry when it comes to putting out high quality information and advice), but they also teach strategies to help people develop a more health-conscious mindset -- because without that, making health a priority will always be an uphill battle.

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Spend enough time on these websites and you'll be well on your way to becoming an industry insider; a savvy consumer able to make truly informed decisions about your health and well-being.

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Those are our top picks for the internet's most trustworthy health resources, but what about yours? Who do you trust when it comes to health advice?
Let us know what we missed in the comments below!

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