Top 3 Yoga Poses To Increase Your Fitness

Top 3 Yoga Poses To Increase Your Fitness


Catch Dean Pohlman, founder of Man Flow Yoga on Episode #36 of the Optimal Performance Podcast to learn the 3 best yoga poses to increase your fitness. You'll also learn how improved mobility is linked to increased longevity, improves sleep and reduces brain fog.




Mobility and proper movement patterns are closely linked to longevity. A Brazilian study found that lower mobility was linked to shorter lifespans. In talking with Dean, we learned that 80% of yoga participants are female. So guys...listen up! Movement IS life! If living longer isn't enough to convince you of the need for mobility, proper movement is also a prerequisite for performance-based feats like deadlifts, jumps, squats or any other impressive feat you may see an athlete perform. Think about it... If you cannot perform a movement pattern slowly, under control and using only your bodyweight, HOW THE HECK do you expect to have command or mastery when performing that movement explosively or under external load? YOU CAN'T!


Lucky for us, Dean - founder of the online fitness community at Man Flow Yoga was happy to provide some quick and simple fixes to help anyone and everyone see improvements in overall health and physical fitness. He also includes tips that will help us improve sleep, reduce brain fog, improve athletic performance and help us live longer. Enjoy!

"Progress doesn't happen unless you push past comfort levels" - @ManFlowYoga" 



What You'll Learn About Man Flow Yoga & Dean Pohlman in this episode:
  • How Dean turned yoga into a muscle-building workout for men
  • The missing element in most yoga practices
  • How to do your first pull-up
  • 80% of yoga participants are women - what differences should men and women look for in an optimal yoga practice?
  • "Progress doesn't happen unless you push past comfort levels"
  • How mobility/movement dictates performance and predicts longevity
  • How yoga improves sleep and reduces brain fog
  • Dean's Top 3 Yoga Poses For Men: Warrior 1, Pigeon, and Downward Dog
  • Anterior pelvic tilt, stacking the spine and Kelly Starrett
  • Get more from Dean & Man Flow Yoga
  • Dean Pohlman's Top 3 tips (+ 1 BONUS TIP) to #LiveOptimal

Links & Resources

Man Flow Yoga Website Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram Brazilian Sit-Stand Longevity Study Dean's 10-Day Intro Course Kelly Starrett's Books:
  1. Becoming A Supple Leopard
  2. Ready To Run

Top 3 Yoga Poses For Men Instructional Video

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