How To Memorize Anything with Memory Master Luis Angel

How To Memorize Anything with Memory Master Luis Angel


Luis Angel is the Memory Master and Memory coach who recently became the first winner of FOX's SuperHuman TV show. Luis joins us on the Optimal Performance Podcast to share the techniques that helped him - and can help anyone - memorize anything and become a memory master.




Memory Master and Memory Coach Luis Angel has been "slaying information" as he puts it since he decided to take control of his life in high school. Now, this memory master has become the first winner of FOX's new SUPERHUMAN TV show and he joins us on Episode #35 of the Optimal Performance Podcast to share some of his secrets so you can sharpen your skills and memorize anything!

 "The key to memorization is visualization" - Memory Master Luis Angel, @LuisAngelLife




What You'll Learn About Improving Your Memory with Luis Angel in this episode:
  • Slaying Information like a "memory ninja"
  • How a memory athlete prevents brain fatigue during 3-4 day events
  • The link between preparation and success
  • The events and training for memory competition
  • How Luis went from failing classes to becoming a memory master
  • How to succeed when you want to turn your life around
  • ANYONE can improve memory and focus
  • The key to memorization is visualization
  • How telling stories and creating crazy visual images helps us memorize names and faces
  • How memory champions created their own language to memorize numbers
  • Review is the key to moving information from short-term memory to long term memory
  • Party Trick! Remember everyone's name at your next social gathering
  • Get more from Luis Angel - And some websites that you can use to TRAIN YOUR MEMORY!
  • Luis Angel gives us his Top 3 tips to #LiveOptimal

Links & Resources

Luis Angel's Website

AEMind Website (Luis's Memory Coaching Site: Advance & Empower Your Mind)

Major System For Memorizing Numbers

Extreme Memory Tournament (Some training tools here also)

Memocamp brain and memory training tools

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