Crosby Tailor on Chinese Herbs & Healthy Desserts

Crosby Tailor on Chinese Herbs & Healthy Desserts

Health coach and lifestyle educator Crosby Tailor is our guest on the Optimal Performance Podcast this week and he’s dropping knowledge on Chinese herbal medicine, healthy deserts, mindfulness, and how he became the “Cookie Genius”.

Crosby Tailor wears many hats – from former college football player to Bulletproof Ambassador, to LA model and healthy desert chef – the guy can do it all! Enjoy this one:


What You’ll Hear From Crosby Tailor in this Episode:

  • Fact Of The Day: From 1950-1973 under the codename MK ULTRA, the CIA conducted human experiments with psychedelics, hallucinogens and more!
  • How Crosby Tailor went from college football player to New York City model to LA-based Chinese herbalist
  • Why Rhodiola Rosea is one of Crosby Tailor’s favorite herbs and what it can do for you!
  • The 7 Chakra’s  – what they are and how to “unblock” yours for optimal performance
  • How Kundalini Yoga can help you increase self-awareness, improve clarity, focus and performance.
  • Crosby’s Top 5 Herbs: Rehmannia, Dendrobrium, Deer Antler, Ashwaganda, Chaga.
  • Psychedelics, introspection and self-awareness journeys with Iboga & Ayahuasca
  • Eating cookies, ice cream and other deserts – while healing your gut and burning fat.
  • Coming soon…Crosby’s Cookie and desserts as a dry mix for YOUR kitchen!
  • Catch Crosby on The Food Network’s CHOPPED! (10/15/15)
  • Where to get more of Crosby Tailor
  • Crosby Tailor’s Top 3 Tips to #liveoptimal



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Alright, happy Thursday all you optimal performers! I'm your host Ryan Munsey and today we are joined by health coach and lifestyle educator Crosby Tailor. Crosby, what's up? Thanks for hanging out with us, man!

Crosby: Hey, what's goin' on man? Good to be here!

Ryan: Yeah, we're excited about this! So, for our listeners, Crosby is a passionate Chinese medicine researcher, he's a healthy dessert chef, he's known as the 'Cookie Genius', so we've got an awesome episode for you guys today. But before we dive into today's cookies - oh excuse me, content - here's a little reminder: as always you can go to to see the video version of our podcast and you can also get links and show notes to any of the cool stuff that we talk about. So make sure you head on over there, and also head on over to iTunes if you have not yet done so, give us a 5* review and let us know what you think of the show. We will read your 5* reviews on the air just like this one from 'Doctor Donna' who says: 'Really enjoying the guests on this podcast, great host and very informative. Looking forward to future guests.' So thank you 'Doctor Donna' for that great review! And before we get rolling, we're gonna talk about our fact of the day. So, from 1950 to about 1973 the U.S. government, actually the CIA, ran an illegal program of experiments on human test subjects that included psychedelics, hallucinogens and more. This was called Project MKUltra so if you want to get more information on some of the stuff that's been de-classified from that check out Project MKUltra. The reason that that's a cool fact of the day and that it's relevant for what we're talking about today with Crosby - we're gonna get into some of the mental exploration side of self-awareness and biohacking today. So this is relevant and now's as good a time as any to remind you that neither Crosby or I are doctors, nothing you hear today is medical advice, so if you want to take action on anything consult a physician. Alright, so with that out of the way - 

Crosby: That's right!

Ryan: Crosby, let's do this!

Crosby: Sure!

Ryan: So, how did you become I mean, passionate Chinese medicine researcher. We've got a couple mutual friends; we've had discussions before. You've got a wealth of knowledge on this stuff. How did you get into all this?

Crosby: That's a - it's actually a cool story, Ryan. I um, when I started modelling I was in New York and I was running myself to the ground. I was going to all these castings, barely eating, taking caffeine pills, just trying to get through the day and trying to stay as lean as possible and you - when you're working out there, you know, it's all about fitting into clothes as well as having a certain physique. So, yeah it's a lot of pressure when you're out there. And by the time I was kind of like fed up with the whole New York lifestyle and I came back to L.A., I came back in town and all my friends were like: 'Crosby, jeeze!' like 'What's going on, man?' like 'How much do you weigh right now' like 'Wow, your face is so gaunt!' And I didn't realize it until I got back into more of like a health-conscious area that yeah, like I had really lost a lot of weight and I did not like healthy. I stumbled into a VP discount and they had a couple different Dragon Herbs formulas and I picked one up, I immediately felt better within a week taking this. Just kind of read the directions and took it as I should. And it brought me to doing more research on Dragon Herbs and finding the address where I walked into this situation that was like a Dan Millman meets Socrates ‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ type of thing where this lady Susan kind of took me under her wing and she was like: 'If you wanna come by and sweep the floors and stock the shelves, I'll teach you about Chinese herbs' and I was like: 'Wow, that's amazing!' She was like: 'Yeah maybe, you know, if you get good enough, we can get you a job here.' And at the time I had done fairly well in New York before this, but not to where I could live the way I wanted to live so I needed a side job. So I kinda worked my ass off, studied up on Chinese herbs for like, a good month and a half, two months. In and out of all these different books and got to the point where like she even fed me this huge - the medical like, Chinese medicine book that's got like how to read tongues and diagnosing certain things and illnesses and I went through that like this and she's like: 'Wow, you're upselling here in the store and you're not even getting paid, I gotta get you to Ron." So she had me meet Ron Teeguarden who owns Dragon Herbs and after passing some things with him I became an herbalist at the store and was working there and just doing more and more and more research. It was just a passion to be - to help people and to do it in such a cool holistic way, such a different philosophy beside the Western medicine philosophy. And to see these people healing and staying healthy, as opposed to like giving them a Band-Aid, you know, go to the doctor get a Band-Aid and again, you know, whatever it is antibiotics, you're back 3 months later with another infection. So, it's really really cool to work in that setting and it brought me back to - nights on end to researching more and more and to start put programs together for myself and people like loved ones around me, athletes. And yeah that was kind of the start of it, that was the start of my venture with Chinese medicine.  

Ryan: Very cool! That's a really cool story. So tell us a little bit about some of your favorite herbs. You know, one of the cool things that we like about this particular avenue is that, you know, these herbs are - they've been around for thousands, millions of years. They're natural, come from the Earth. So, you know, that fits in with our philosophy at Natural Stacks. Give us some of your favorites to maybe increase vitality or help recover, I mean like you said you came from New York and, you know, you needed that quick boost.

Crosby: Right! Right, right. Well, what I picked up when I came back from New York was a formula called 'Super Adaptogen'. And that kind of brings me into the first point of - how this stuff kind of helped me was um, it made me adapt to my surroundings better and so it dropped my stress levels, my body was able to heal faster, my kidneys and adrenals got the energy they needed and it kind of brought my cortisol levels down to the point of like: 'Whoa, I'm not in this fight or flight stress state all the time, I can actually be calm and a little bit more meditated and and be able to let the body adapt to situations and to heal in certain ways.' And then to increase the vitality through that. So like, focus was one of the things that definitely got better. I love Tibetan Rhodiola for that. I've been using Rhodiola since - it's one of the things that I really really like to keep in my cabinet. I take it before workouts, I take it before yoga. You could even - it's even great to take before you go out and you're gonna have a way better time, be a little bit more in that like, calm kind of -

Ryan: Chill.

Crosby: Yeah! Chill state. But also like, have this like calm focus and that's another thing when it comes to the Chinese herbs is you've got Schizandra, Schizandra berry is another huge herb that I work with a lot. And you can, you know, you can do the actual berries and put it into a tea but I like - you know going back to Dragon Herbs they have certain formulations and they have Schizandra by itself so I'll get the capsules or I'll use something like ‘Diamond Mind’ is a formula that they have that has both of those things in it. And so you're sharpening the mind while also, kind of having this like more calm focus as opposed to a stimulating type focus. So it's really good for people that are already over-stimulated. So just like again - like what I'm saying it's getting you back into adapting to your state. Getting back into balance.

Ryan: So let's pause for just a second, let's go back to you mentioned Super Adaptogens. Adaptogens are a class of plants and herbs that like you said help us adapt to the stresses in our surroundings. You mentioned Rhodiola. Let's talk about Rhodiola because that's one of the ingredients in the new Serotonin Brain Food from Natural Stacks. That just launched last week so we're really excited to get that out and like you said that helps support that serotonin metabolism, that calm, that chill effect as you mentioned.

Crosby: Yeah! It's a - it's amazing for increasing the blood flow up to the brain. So when we talk about it in Chinese medicine it's one of those herbs that kind of goes up the chakra pathways to get this energy to increase, to circulate and give you more of like a tapped in sharp brain focus. And it also has this like really, really nice kinda stress reducing effect to it to where, you know - I mean talk about an amazing herb for people in the financial district in New York. Walking around, you know, their crazy lifestyles, dealing with certain things. Instead of like screaming on the phone, screaming their head of on the phone they're able to be, you know, to assess things a little faster, to be quicker, to be sharper, to be calmer. 

Ryan: Yeah you - you're a little bit more present and in the moment and aware of everything as opposed to being kind of the chicken with its head cut off running around.

Crosby: Right. And in the formula that you guys have, what is that combined with?

Ryan: So the 5 ingredients in Serotonin Brain Food are tryptophan, L-tryptophan, B3 magnesium, zinc and then the Rhodiola Rosea.

Crosby: Oh, nice! Yeah that's a nice combo. Yeah so I mean, really, really great, I mean the Rhodiola- it's one of those things that anybody in a stressful environment I think should have in their cabinet.

Ryan: You mentioned chakras. Talk a little bit about like, what that means and what those are for people that may not be aware of it.

Crosby: Yeah so, so Ryan when we're talking about the chakras there's, you know, 7 that people normally talk about. A lot of, you know, different shamans and stuff will talk about beyond that but um, the normal chakras you'll hear on a regular basis are from the bottom you've got your root chakra to your sacral chakra, your solar plexus in your gut to your heart chakra, throat, third eye and then your crown chakra. And the idea is to have all of them open and flowing in kind of a microcosmic orbit and what 99% of us have is a blockage somewhere or more than one blockage. 

Ryan: Right.

Crosby: So, the energy is stagnant. And it doesn't get to come up to certain places. And sometimes we have such traumatic experience in the root or the sacral chakra that it doesn't even go beyond that so we're not really tapping into some of the more intense type chakras that allow us to be a little more open in our heart, or to have a little bit more intuition when it comes to our third eye, to have more of a voice in our throat chakra, or to even just get into a more of a meditative state and be able to leave and have this like deep meditation where we just are, when it comes to the crown chakra. So it's really important to try to balance that - keep that kind of as balanced as possible on a daily basis and getting into a really strong meditative state and some of these herbs really help, too. So again, you know, when it came to that Rhodiola that one can bring you right up to the third eye pretty quick. Really, really important.

Ryan: So, give us a couple of other maybe practices, physical or mental, that can help us unblock our chakras.

Crosby: Yeah when it comes to the practices, the first one that comes to mind for me that I've started doing last [unclear 00:13:23]. And I had - I had stumbled upon it a couple of times beforehand but I wasn't really - I didn't really dive into it until last Thanksgiving, I started doing Kundalini yoga. And I practiced with Tej, she's down the street on Sunset and Crescent Heights at a place called 'Nine Treasures Yoga'. I walked in there. I had um, I was going through some stuff, some emotional and mental stuff in my life. I walked into class, and like the first class I was like - I got done, sat there for a second and I - I just got up and walked to the person that was checking us out and they were like: 'Satnam, have a great day!' and I was like: 'Um, how do I sign up for whatever the longest period of time is?' And then she was like: 'Oh! We have like a 3-month thing where it just gets debited out of your account.' And I was like: 'That's it, I'll take that!' like 'What do you need from me today?' And she started laughing and she was like "I knew you'd like it.' So dude I was there, I wanna say 6 weeks every day, for 6 weeks right until I left for back home to for. And that's - if you talk about activating chakras - that's the type of spot to go and everything from the mantras to the postures and positions to hand placement to like, it's one thing that I feel is like a body science.

Ryan: Okay.

Crosby: You are completely tapped in to the rest of the universe and it's something that like shuttles into our - like that's, it's a science. Like comes in and you have your like [unclear 00:15:09] type rising that could happen and it really can take you to different places in your life and increases your intuition and your manifestation power. So, I had to be careful. I had to be careful about my negative thoughts. I wanted to have my positive thoughts all the time but my negative thoughts when they would come in, if they were in my head too long that day, boom! They'd just like - negative things would start to happen throughout the day. And I was like: 'Whoa!' Like I've really increased the power of my manifestation to have both - you know, I was like just staying in the positive state and be grateful, have gratitude. And man, it's just really taken me to different places within as well as my successors around my business and - and the way I've transformed my body and the way that I feel I treat other people now has really progressed since during the Kundalini yoga. So, yeah.

Ryan: Yeah, and that was gonna be - that was gonna be my next question is, you know, the million dollar question for our show here Optimal Performance: how do all of these practices, you know, increase your performance and help you live a better life or get closer to the life that you want to live? And that was a pretty good answer already.

Crosby: Oh yeah, I mean besides that it's one of those things that helps you see the bigger picture, you know. It makes you go: 'Whoa! I'm like one of - what is this like 7, 8 billion people!' It's like when - if you look at that, you know, from a bird's eye point of view, you can't even see that. You can't see that speck!

Ryan: Yeah, perspective! Yeah.

Crosby: Yeah, so - so it makes you go: 'Wow!' like 'This isn't all about me, there's so much more to this journey.' And it really helped me [unclear 00:17:03]. I could go into my passion a little more, find out my purpose a little more, and know that like, I want to do something - I want to create something that can help people and I give service in that way. To where I'm doing something that's fulfilling myself and letting me have the lifestyle I want to have as well as really helping a lot of people so it just - it put me in that state to where I was like - I went from selfish with more of an ego, you know, woe is me type attitude. Like: 'why are these things happening to me?' to like 'These things are happening to everybody!' Like it's not just you! You know, and to like really let go of the ego and be like wow, like once you do that um, it's just a whole different perspective and I feel like it's really opened my heart chakra a lot and to have, you know give me more of an attitude and have more compassion for the people around me.

Ryan: Very cool! Yeah, very cool. So, before we move away from the herbs give us - like let's say you could only take like 3 or 5 for the rest of your life.

Crosby: [laughs]

Ryan: What would be your top 3 or top 5 herbs?

Crosby: Wow!

Ryan: And why?

Crosby: Okay. Top 3 to 5 herbs. One I always - the staple that I can think of right off the top of my head that I keep in, in like my cabinet is Rehmannia A lot of people that are into the Chinese herbs know that first things first you have [unclear 00:18:47] which is like your life force, your coals if you're at a, you know, to barbecue something. If you don't have that big pot of coals and you have all that - that yang, that lighter fluid and this small thing of coals you're gonna burn out real fast. You're gonna have a cool spurt of energy but you're gonna burn out so Rehmannia is one of those yin blood - a yin and blood restorative type tonics that - it's amazing for vitality. It's gonna increase vitality, fertility, you know you're gonna have a stronger, like get up and go in the morning. Your kidneys and adrenals will be more satisfied, increases your libido. You need that energy, you need that yin because that's gonna give you the fuel to have these type of yang tonics that we all want to have fun with. You know, we all want to do the deer antlers and the geckos and the Cistanches and some of these things like: 'Oh, I'm an athlete! I'm a man! I wanna do deer antler!' But a lot of people will do deer antler or elk velvet right off and they're already this type of creature that's really really testosterone derived and it'll actually backfire on them. And this happened to me when I was getting out of athletics and I was doing all this research and [unclear 00:20:08] trial and error for me [unclear 00:20:10]. It makes me, you know, increases lean muscle mass and gives me stronger libido, I was like: 'Oh, awesome!' And it just overheated me, that's all it did. So, when I went back and did my studies, now it's like: 'Oh, here we go!' Do a bunch of Rehmannia, get a bunch of Dendrobium stem which is gonna increase your fluid retention, good, good fluids 'cause you are losing them - as men especially we're losing them every day through sweat. Sweat's definitely one of them and, you know, sexual fluids. So, getting those back and then doing some [unclear 00:20:45] deer antler, which could be a third or - that I really like, you know, that gives you that kick, that power. You can - before the gym, before late night activity, like it's an amazing herb for those kind of things. But, I really like, you know, going off of the Chinese herb topic and on to more of an Ayurvedic perspective, I use a lot of Ashwaganda in my life as well. So, that puts me in more of a meditative - it calms the nervous system. I like to take it before bed, it kind of levels me out, go into a deeper state of rest. But, you know, it's really nice for people to take during the day, too. You take Ashwaganda during the day, high stress environments, high stress jobs, you're already a high - you know, very, very high stress type person Ashwaganda would be a 4th herb. And then...I mean you can't forget something that's going to be, you know, an immune system modulator and something that's really gonna keep your immune system where it's at so you don't get sick and - and you can actually increase your vitality in these ways too. So something like a Reishi or a Chaga, some kind of Chinese mushroom. I really like - or I mean it's, you know, the Chaga is actually Siberian so, in between the two, let's say somebody put it into a tea. I would definitely go for Chaga, it's got a nice flavor, it's very, very high antioxidants really high and the ORAC value. And it's amazing for the immune system, super-antiviral, bacterial so around cold, flu season I'm taking - I'm like dosing Chaga, tons of it. And this makes me feel a little safer when I'm around people that are always like - especially going in an Erewhon, like you go into Erewhon during flu season, it's like going to the doctor. It's like all the holistic people are there.

 Ryan: And everybody's coughing and - 

Crosby: Showing up to the tonic bar yeah, showing up to the tonic bar asking for immunity shots and stuff and instead of being like: 'Whoa!' and stepping away I'm like: 'I'm good!' You know, my immune system's strong so, those are 5 - those are 5 good ones.

Ryan: Okay! Alright, very good. So, let's shift gears just a little bit. Recently, Tim Ferriss had a guest, Dr. Dan Engle on his podcast and they talked about the use of psychedelics, specifically iboga and using it for introspection, anxiety relief, creativity, self-awareness. Do you have any experience with that? What can you tell us about iboga?

Crosby: I've never done iboga myself, personally. A lot of people around me in the health field have and a lot of people, you know, on a spiritual path have done certain things like that, like iboga, ayahuasca - a lot of people are into that right now, it's huge. Huge tag words. And iboga - actually my experience with iboga is there's a holistic practitioner that I go to for a couple things. Amazing, amazing guy. And, older guy with a lot of experience, he's like in his sixties. And he has done iboga a couple times. He also has helped take people through iboga experiences. And one experience that I won't forget that he told me about recently - 'cause we got into talking about psychedelics and some of these things - was he treated a like 35-year-old man that had crazy trust issues with humans, like didn't want to get near anybody, like, didn't wanna - and definitely wasn't gonna be in a relationship or put his heart out there for anybody. But even just a common conversation he was very weary, and you had to form, like, 3 or 4 encounters before like, there was any kind of trust involved. And he was on a spiritual path doing a couple of these things and he'd done iboga with this guy and when his trip was over, um, some of the things that he said were pretty amazing to my practitioner. And he talked about how the plant put him back in basically his traumatic experience. He went all the way back to when he was, you know, 5 and something happened, and then he was 8 and something happened, and then he was 10 years old and he's on the playground and the bell rings and he's supposed to go in and he was like: 'Oh, a piece of trash!' You know, and he went to go pick up a piece of trash, being like, the nice kid that he was, to put in the garbage. And a nun turned up behind him and was like - made a racial slur and told him, kind of compare him to the trash and said: 'You better throw that away.' So at ten though he was kind of like: 'Hm, but she's one of my teachers' like 'I don't get what she's trying to say.' You know, he didn't really understand it. But as a third party watching himself in this position, he's going: 'Oh my god!' He's now seeing this experience and he's going: 'Wow!' So, and he did - he blocked so much of that out, his sub-consciousness and everything had blocked so much of that out through the rest of his upbringing that he didn't ever really realize why he didn't trust people. And so going to back into his experience third party with this trip, he saw all this and he was able to go: 'Wow, that's why I'm screwed up. It's not my fault. This happened.' Like: 'I didn't know any better. I didn't know what to say.' So it was real - I was like - I was sittin' in my chair going: 'Whoa!' You know? But -

Ryan: Yeah.

Crosby: But I was like: 'Wow!' So cool that it can go back and frame these experiences and I don't know if this is the same for everybody when they do this, but my practitioner even said when he did it he went back and saw some gnarly stuff too, and was like - 

Ryan: So it's - it's definitely not a recreational herb, it's definitely a - something that you would wanna use if you're interested in deep psychological healing and -

Crosby: Cleansing, yeah.  

Ryan: Almost like sitting on the couch with a therapist and accessing the things that may take that therapist years to get you to start talking about.

Crosby: Yeah it's like - it's like watching - it's like turning on a movie of your life and it only goes through the stuff that screwed you up, you know, and being like: 'Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!' And, you know, and then you take it as you would in this day and now. Like if a guy turns around and he still wants to deny all that stuff, then that happens but he was the type of person that saw that and he was like: 'Wow', like 'You're okay, I can really move forward and try to find a different type of trust with human beings' like, 'Not everybody is this person that harmed me in this way', you know.

Ryan: That is a crazy method of healing or - 

Crosby: Right?

Ryan: Yeah that's - that's nuts. So how does that compare to ayahuasca.

Crosby: I think, you know, when it comes to ayahuasca, and I haven't done this either but to my knowledge - and I work with a good friend that's a sound healer here in Los Angeles that um, knows a lot about it. To my knowledge and speaking with him and similar people around me that have done it, it is more of an activator of DMT. Obviously it's - it activates your DMT, I mean you could do straight DMT, but the ayahuasca trip is way longer it's like a good 4 to 6 hours. And it's definitely like you're going within, another experience where you're going within but it's - the plant will teach you some things and it's gonna tell you stuff that you probably don't want to hear. A lot of people don't want to hear it. But in the end, you know, it kind of shows you - it's a huge, I mean, you're basically taking something that's gonna release certain thing that's gonna replicate you, you know, dying. So you're surrendering everything, you're surrendering - I would be surrendering Crosby Tailor, you know, this ego this me. Going into a trip like that I'm surrendering me as this life form and what I've built upon myself to just be and know that, you know, we're all just energy. And I think that when people are ready, it's huge, especially for people that aren't very good at letting their ego go on their own and through natural practices, you know. If they want to take a step up and go through an experience, I don't - I'm not against it. But people that aren't in a very good state of mind, that aren't ready, that aren't cleansing the right way - I think there's even a certain diet that you want to abide by before you do something like this if you really want to get the right things out of it. You know, you can't just go into it like: 'Doo doo doo, let's do ayahuasca!'

Ryan: Right.

Crosby: Because I think that when that is the case, it could really screw you up, screw up your psyche. And, you know, when you're not in that space where you're ready to surrender, man that's - that's the scariest place to be in for 4 to 6 hours. No thanks! No thanks!

Ryan: Right.

Crosby: Yeah.

Ryan: Alright, cool! So you mentioned eating the right diet. Let's shift gears. You are a healthy dessert chef, you're the 'Cookie Genius'. Talk to us a little bit about, you know, eating cookies and ice cream to heal your gut, get healthier, burn fat and, you know, look like a model the way you have to look all the time.

Crosby: [laughs] That's funny. Yeah, the cook experience has been something that I would never have written into my life path, if I was to see myself before this ever started. But once I became, you know, pretty regimented with my diet and starting to research more and more about, you know, processed foods and not putting a lot of this crap, especially refined sugar, into your body. Because I played college football, like, we ate everything.

Ryan: Right.

Crosby: You didn't - you didn't even look at calories, you didn't look at ingredients, you just consumed. You had to eat something in order to keep the body weight and you energy up, to be able to survive those practices and games. So it wasn't until - in the beginning it was kind of like the vanity experience for me, when I was getting into modelling, to start cutting out a lot of these processed foods, white breads, pastas, the normal things that people cut out first. But then I started to do more and more research and it's like well, I not only want to just like, body composition wise look a certain way. Like, I wanna feel good and I wanna have this certain vitality to where I know that I can have a nice lifespan and also be, you know, strong enough at some point to produce some offspring and have that kind of lifestyle too. And so that brought me into this kind of like, the healthiest lifestyle where I was eating - I'm eating really clean most of the week and then I still have a sweet tooth so I'm still trying to make certain things, certain concoctions that are gonna taste good but also replicate something that I had when I was a kid, whether it be an ice cream or some type of pudding that I really liked or chocolate. So, that was right around the time I started working at Erewhon and we, you know at Erewhon they make these - there's a couple ice creams on the menu that are all done in the Vitamix. And so, on top of these ice creams I started to get creative with a lot of the clients that were coming in and making my own kind of things. And that just kinda every day got my brain ticking in a different way to where the creative side of me wanted to create and create and create and have something different. And I kinda got like a following of people that wanted to come in and just get an ice cream from me. The same as like, a Jay Denman when he was working there, there was always like, the crew that wanted to get Jay's ice cream or Truth when he was there, like, listen to Truth and have an ice cream from him. I kind of followed suit and was making all these things, and so when I left - when I left Erewhon it became kind of a staple of mine that, you know, 3, 4 days a week I was like: 'Oh, I'm gonna have and ice cream! Oh, I'm gonna have a pudding! Oh, I'm gonna have - maybe I'll try to make chocolate tonight'. And um - and then I - with all of that knowledge that I already had and with the - I was doing consultations at the time for clients to get them back on path and in these lifestyles to where they could be eating the right foods. Nothing too crazy, but just to get them back on track. And I would always incorporate some of these recipes for them and they'd be making this stuff going: 'Wow, this is so amazing!' And then I got into a relationship where I was dating this girl that had the same kind of passion as me when it came to eating clean, sugar free, gluten free, we even got kind of like into bulletproof pretty intensely. So, grain free started and we were doing the coffee tonics and doing the Chinese herbs and those things. And then I was sourcing and using a lot of his - his products to make these like cool ice creams and stuff and upgrading the way that we would make ice cream at Erewhon to this fashion where now I've got like MCT oil involved, and I'm doing like Chinese herbs in the ice creams and making them more anabolic or, you know, more of a recovery agent. And kinda putting little labels on them to where it's like: 'Oh this ice cream's got a bunch of glutamine.' And I'm using like certain Chinese herbs to help heal the gut lining. You know, and still having something taste good.

Ryan: So it's - it's almost like the idea of like, if the normal or average person walked into a Smoothie King and you've got these muscle builders or recovery or immune and you're doing the same thing, you're a mixologist with that but you're turning them into beautiful works of art by the way. If you don't follow Crosby on Instagram, do it! Crosby, tell them what your Instagram handle is.

Crosby: It's @crosbytailor it's C-R-O-S-B-Y-T-A-I-L-O-R, a lot of people think it's a Y but - 

Ryan: We'll put that in the show notes.

Crosby: Yeah, once you put in Crosby there's not too many, so you'll see that Tailor following afterwards. Yeah, you know like, that's kind of been my claim to fame on Instagram is these like, piled up crazy ice creams that look like huge Christmas trees.

Ryan: Yeah, they're massive!

Crosby: You know, I'll do like green ones and I'll decorate them with goji berries and cacao nibs and they look like Christmas trees or, you know, yeah I have like a mocha malt crunch one that's one of my favorite ones that I'll make. And so you've got mocha, and you got a couple other Chinese astragalus, a couple other Chinese herbs in there to boost metabolism and increase libido and - and you're still getting this like, well you know the glycemic load is very low, they're sugar free, their glycemic index is very low, they're diabetic friendly and they're gonna give you this sweet flavor that you're missing. You know a lot of people that are on such strict diets, they don't eat these foods anymore and a lot of them get angry. You know, they're like: 'I miss my sweet', like 'When am I gonna have that sweet?' And it turns into an eventual binge for a lot of people that are, you know, cutting out fat and eating, you know, bland protein and vegetables thinking it's healthy for them when it's really just drying them out and creating probably more inflammation.

Ryan: Yeah. And that's something that, you know, any time we fight biology, eventually that dam is gonna burst and you're gonna have this overflow of compensation, so. You know, we're wired to crave sweet. That's how our ancestors could tell poisonous plants from good ones, you know? So, like that's how we knew eating blueberries was not gonna kill us.

Crosby: Right, right, right!

Ryan: So, so any time we fight biology that's a bad thing. So I think it's really cool that you're helping people, you know, figure out a way to eat the things that we wanna eat but doing it the way we wanna eat also.

Crosby: Yeah, that's the thing is like getting, you know, having your cake and eating it too.

Ryan: Awesome!

Crosby: And the motto - my motto behind 'Cookie Genius' is 'Eat dessert, burn fat' and I like to roll it off of that by saying it doesn't get much sweeter than that. And it's like this - it's like fun! It's sexy, it's fun. It's - it's gonna be very user friendly when I roll out the line. You know, from the start of it and you know, going from these smoothies and ice creams and puddings and chocolates that I was making, you know, when it starts to get cold you can't make ice cream. It can't be winter and have an ice cream and that goes against everything that I've learned in Chinese medicine. You know, 'cause cold and cold, you're gonna create more dampness, your spleens gonna be weak and your digestive force is gonna be - it's gonna drop. And this can put - this can put on weight. So people have to realize too that there's a time and a place for these sweet things and so, why not transition into a baked good? You know, that's what -

Ryan: There you go.

Crosby: That's what the idea was during - during those winter months. And as soon as she said: 'try to bake something', you know I was like: 'Oh, man.' I'm not like - I've never really baked in my life and I remember watching my mom bake, you know, she would make these amazing like Devil Food cake chocolate like cakes that she would call Funeral cake every Christmas for a bunch of people and that was like, to die for. And she made banana bread, that was like ugh! But of course it's got - it had like all the hydrogenated oils and everything you don't - 

Ryan: Right! All the things you don't wanna eat.

Crosby: Yeah, you wanna eat it - you wanna eat it once and then if you're a health fanatic like me you're already planning your workout the next day. You're like: 'Okay, so, this this this.’

Ryan: Hey, you're talking to optimal performers so we all eat this way.

Crosby: Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, so that was kind of the idea and it took me like 3 tries of just like combining ingredients that I thought would work based off of a - kind of like my own thinking when it comes to what I would put the Vitamix for certain things. So the cookies were, you know, protein, fiber and fat enriched. And very low-carb, the carbs would only come from things that were also fibrous so the glycemic load was very low. And at the beginning I was making these cookies and they were kinda dry and so when I flipped - when I used a couple different wet ingredients I was like: 'Whoa, there it is!' And I was like I even wanted to - I event want to boost it even more and so I created these frostings. And at the time we were using colostrum - grass-fed colostrum powder for a lot of our smoothies. So - and ice creams. So I'm like: 'Oh, I'm gonna make this. I'm gonna superfood this cookie out.' Like, throw a little colostrum in the ice cream, mix it up with some of my other special ingredients that I was putting in there, sweeten it the way I wanted to and I was like dolloping these -I was frosting these cookies on top and wow like, they're - they were just the first couple ones when you hadn't had anything like that. It was euphoric. Euphoric! And so it just took me on a journey where I was - part of my creative, you know, my creativity took me to a place on a daily basis in my head where I was like: 'What am I gonna make next? Tonight's gonna be cinnamon roll cookies, then I'm gonna make pumpkin spice cookies, then I'm gonna make almond marzipan cookies - then I'm, wait I can make - oh, you know what? I can just take this same formation and put it into a muffin tin and make muffins or cupcakes. And then I could take the same thing and - wait let me just get a - oh, let me go to Sur La Table and get another thing.' And I would get like the doughnut tray and - and then I was making pancakes on the weekend and I was - each time I started with the same base. So that's where it got me to thinking of like business ideas finally, and I was like: 'Hmm!' And so when - at this point I was like, giving them to my friends and they were donating back to me in terms of just getting people to try it. It turned into kind of like a test course of - of what people would like. And it just blew up to the point where, like, I was posting all these Instagrams about it. I got really passionate about taking like, cool pictures and making everything look as presentable as I could. I mean I'm not a pastry chef by any means.

Ryan: I've seen the pictures, you're pretty good!

Crosby: You know, like, I get made fun of a little bit on how cheesy they can be sometimes.

Ryan: [laughs]

Crosby: But I think that's - that's my, like, that's my, like, little spin on it. Is it's not this perfected French pastry- looking picture. It's like - there's like, you know, the backgrounds like, the, you know, my kitchen and you might see like a plug in the background with this like huge ice cream. You know I don't really think about it as much, it's a little bit more um, I think it's cool for Instagram 'cause it's a little more voyeuristic. People go: 'Oh, that's really like what he does.' And that's - and then when I started Snapchat they were like: 'Oh! He really actually does eat it.' You know, a lot of people were like: 'Oh, you don't eat that! You just make it look pretty.' 

Ryan: Throw it away.

Crosby: And - yeah, yeah yeah! And - and then, you know, you start to watch in real life, which I've gotten really into Snapchat and it's like, I'm just crushing these ice creams and cookies on a daily basis. So it's - it's been really cool and every step of the way has turned into a new synchronistic thing that happened to where I'm just like, just keep putting this gratitude out there. And I’m like: 'Wow, what a cool experience that I'm going through right now.' And so many people are taking - you know, loving what I'm doing and the passion behind what I'm doing, the story behind it. And it just has accrued a massive celebrity following from, you know, a huge, you know, Vine famous and Instagram famous following. And I genuinely want to help people and I genuinely want to, like, gift people with these things and get them to try it because I love sitting there. I mean everybody knows that I love to sit - I always tell somebody if they get my stuff, I was like: 'Just have one in front of me, just have one in front of me.' 'Cause I want to see their reaction, I'm so passionate about them enjoying it.

Ryan: Yeah, that - you created that! That's what you brought into the world and you want to see them enjoy it, that's awesome.

Crosby: Yeah so, so they - it just kept - it kind of spread like wildfire and I've got it to some really cool people and become actually friends with a lot of these people that were maybe novelties in my life before because of this dessert. Because of dessert, you know, this sweet thing that brings a lot of people together. And it's really helped build my business 'cause I've done everything my own. My social media, my website, everything has been me from the ground up and it's gotten me really far, I mean it takes time but I've gotten to places now where I've got some big things on the horizon. So it's really - I'm just so grateful.

Ryan: Yeah and speaking of business, you know, normally when you mention you've figured out the magic wet ingredient, you know, I would try to dig in and get you to explain that to us. But I know - I know that this is your business and you're actually, you're gonna be launching the powder, correct? Like the baking mix?

Crosby: Yeah! 

Ryan: Tell us what your plans are, you know, I'm in Virginia, you're in L.A. I wanna eat these creations.

Crosby: Right.

Ryan: I - I'm not able to so how does a guy like me and the rest of our optimal performers, how are we gonna get the 'Cookie Genius' goods?

Crosby: Right, right, right. Well, the way that we're gonna do it in the beginning because I want - I've been getting e-mails for so long saying: 'When is your cookies gonna be available? Can you ship?' Like, this and that. And a lot of people don't understand that when it comes to a perishable product and me making it at home in my kitchen with a [unclear 00:46:57] license, I can't just out of nowhere go: 'Let me try shipping to somebody. Let me throw a bunch of - one of those ice block things in there, dry ice or something, charge them 20-something dollars for shipping, send it across the country and pray that they don't get sick.' It's like - it's a perishable product and so I have to turn down a lot of people right now. I'm getting - I get flooded at least 20 e-mails a day and my mom's my personal assistant right now, I send them. I have so much other - so many other things going on that I just forward everything to Karen. And she writes them these beautiful letters back: 'Crosby's in the process of creating this and this and this, I'm so sorry it's not available right now. Please keep being patient and keep updated on his Instagram and website.' But the idea is to - what we have in place right now is creating - and I've done some creations already. Mattole Valley Naturals who has some awesome protein powders, greens plants and the colostrum - I have an ice cream on the menu at Erewhon called the 'Crosby's Ginger Spice Colostrum Ice Cream' and it's the only thing that's like the - that's like colostrum-favorite thing on the menu so it's kind of ignited a following of people that know about this come in. And there's a lot of people that come in and get it every day. It's pretty funny. And it's - it's cool because it got Mattole Valley thinking when they came in the store and they're like: 'Oh, I wanna try it because 8 of the 12, 13 ingredients that are in it are Mattole Valley products.' 'Cause Erewhon uses a lot of their stuff. So we kinda came up with a system where, hey maybe I can package ice creams, cookies and some other baked good products through them since they have such a source of ingredients already. So we've been working on some stuff and I've created 3 ice cream blends that are kind of a - in a dry run right now that we've - we're just getting out to certain people as kind of like a test kitchen thing and just seeing how they come back after making it in the Vitamix and how, you know, consistent it could be. So kind of in a test phase of that. But the thing I'm really excited about is I just got my costs and everything for the cookie box. And the cookie box is like the base. Call it like a sugar cookie or a vanilla cookie, if you were just to take that dry mix and add the wet ingredients that I'm gonna tell you to add, mix it up, throw it in the oven for a certain amount of time, they pop and you got sugar cookies. And there's you know, a certain way of - there's a second pouch that's gonna have your icing powder. So the icing powder mixes with the wet in that and you make your own icing, just top 'em off just as you would make like the Pillsbury cinnamon roll type thing. It comes with the icing, you do it in kind of a similar fashion and boom, boom, boom you have cookies that you can make at home. And in my opinion way more affordable than you going to the store and buying a 4-pack at a time which was also an idea. Which is gonna be a lot more overhead and just a bigger headache. This kind of idea I can get to the masses faster, and I want the masses to be able to enjoy this. I don't want this to be: 'Oh, I'm still in L.A. I have product, but it's only in Erewhon and Earth Bar and Sun Life.' Which when I carry my product right away it's now available in a situation to where here's Crosby's mix, here's Crosby making different things on YouTube and showing you how to create 3 to 4 different things right off the bat as well as like monthly situations where I'm creating new cookies. And that brought me to a situation where - it's a really cool story actually. I booked a job with American Horror Story, and it's like a FOX show with - Matt Bomer's on it and the star of this season - Ryan Murphy's the director and the star of the season is Lady Gaga. And so such a cool experience to go in there and work with these people and I hadn't - I had seen Matt a lot at Erewhon and so I was like: 'what the hell?' And so I approached him and I was like: 'Erewhon!' And he was like: 'Oh, man, I know I remembered you from somewhere!' He was like: 'How are you, what's up man?' And we started talking about health and then I told him about my desserts, my cookies and he was like all in. He was like: 'When can we meet? I almost want to put my name on this like right away. I have these big things coming up.' So, you know, nothing set in stone yet but he set me up with some really, really, really awesome people. And let's just say that I finally feel I'm in the right place when it comes to my business in terms of a collaboration. I've always had the creative and I'm like - I'm like just this uncontained ball of creativity and now I have this like team that's forming around me that's -

Ryan: Kind of like, channeling you and making the connections.

Crosby: Yeah, it's such a cool thing as a third person as I'm looking in or I'm in my dream state sometimes, like dreaming about situations seeing where this is going. You all - all of a sudden start to go: 'Wow!' Like I see where this is going and I just want to stay as present as possible on this journey 'cause like, this is what you remember is when these people come in and - I mean, I'm making a basket for Lady Gaga next week, I'm making cookies for Mike Strahan this Friday, he gets cookie this Friday and Michael, if you don't know is the host of Michael & Kelly which is on 5 days a week. And their demographic of middle-aged women that watch it, you bet your ass those ladies are gonna want to bake cookies.

Ryan: Yeah! Well that's - that's what I like about the idea for the dry mix is that there's such a social aspect to food that folks will get to take this home, they get it in their kitchen, they can share it with people, they can bake it, give it to other people just like you're giving it to folks. And like you said it's a base so as they say - see you getting creative they can be creative and, you know, it's just that's a really cool way to, as you said, bring it to the mass.

Crosby: Yeah it's such a fun marketing thing, too. It's like now I have the possibility of going - you know, the idea is hey, let's not just come out with a base, let's have like 4 to 6 skews. And say we come - we roll out with a pumpkin spice bread, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chocolate donuts. And I'm just rambling off of the top of my head but - 'cause we haven't really decided and pegged like the top hitters. Almond marzipan is one of my favorites and I really like to make that into a cupcake. And I actually had one of those last night, like when I got home at like midnight. And I was just like, sitting there eating it.Ryan: When this stuff hits the market you are gonna become my most favorite person in the world. So, when will I be able to buy this?

Crosby: That is the - definitely the golden question because in - right now just to give you kind of an idea where I'm at. I had a huge meeting last night with an investor that owns a massive company that his family is definitely, you know, you can say that they're billionaires. And the cool thing about it is we have a common ground [unclear 00:55:12]. I'm gonna be working with his kid who's a quarterback at Calabasas High School and we just clicked. It was so cool, we clicked. They were all very impressed by the desserts and, you know, the next step is I'm working with a very, very important team that handles some high-end very, very high-end celebrities when it comes to their endorsements and management and we're putting together an awesome deck right now, finally. You know, after [unclear 00:55:47]. I'm just like - I'm in Kundalini like: 'Just bring me somebody that will do my deck. Bring me somebody please!' And, boom! There they are. And yesterday got confirmed that they're going to do the deck and it'll probably be ready in the next two weeks. We have a couple other investors in mind to shop this to. Once we get that locked in, when it comes to working on it I'm 18 hours a day. Like I'm ready to go. Like, I just need that - I just need that funding. So once the funding hits, I'm ready to be locked into this until we can roll this out because hey, I got October 15th I'm gonna be on Chopped. Chopped will air. 

Ryan: Sweet.

Crosby: So, huge TV appearance for me.

Ryan: Please tell me you won the dessert round! [laughs]

Crosby: I can't say! I can't say!

Ryan: The dessert guy cannot go on Chopped and not make it to the dessert round!

Crosby: I know! But you're just gonna have to - everybody's gonna have to tune in and find out what happens because that's definitely in the contract that I can't be telling people what happens. 

Ryan: I understand! [laughs]

Crosby: [laughs] But, you know, I got the Chopped thing happening on the 15th. I have some big meetings scheduled on October 1st. The - who knows what's gonna happen once Michael Strahan gets involved and tries my desserts.

Ryan: Yeah! He's got a new clothing line, I hear he's investing, looking into business ideas.

Crosby: His suit line crushed at JC Penney's the first 6 days. I mean, the guy that I'm working with represents him and the numbers that he said I was just like - like suits! I was like: 'What?!' He's like: 'Trust me, anything that Michael attaches his name to.' He's a very loveable - people love him!

Ryan: Oh, he's awesome!

Crosby: And if he's passionate about what I'm doing and is genuinely, genuinely passionate about me and what I'm doing let's - let's say that there's not a - it's not too far-fetched that I might have a couple days a month where Crosby's making desserts on their show so.

Ryan: Well, I mean hey, you're making healthy desserts, it doesn't like - we all want to eat desserts and if you can make them taste great and be healthy for us, who's not gonna be on board with that?

Crosby: Yeah! Yeah, dude. It's gonna be - it's such a blessing, the people that have come into my life. And I've asked for this business team numerous times and things are coming around full circle and it's - it's just a very big opportunity and I'm ready. I'm like focused and ready to go all in because this is the only chance, this is my shot.

Ryan: Yeah! Well hey, we are, you know, really happy for you. Congratulations! And wish you the best. 

Crosby: Thanks, buddy!

Ryan: I know you've got a bunch of great things coming up. Tell the folks where they can find more of Crosby Tailor.

Crosby: So if you wanna get dazzled by the food porn keep involved and go follow me on Instagram, it's @crosbytailor. We walked about it before but it's T-A-I-L-O-R is my last name. When it comes to the website, it's so that will start to be - especially with the business team that's coming around me -  that updates gonna intense. I mean what it's at right now I did, like, a year and a half ago and so the upgrade of the website will be fun for people to go get involved in. And I'm on Facebook, I'm on Snapchat. On Facebook I'm Crosby Tailor Wehr and on Snapchat it's the same as my Instagram, crosbytailor. So, if you want to see me in full form videos making desserts, pulling things out of the oven, you know, taking funny, weird pictures with desserts, you know, go follow me on all these channels. It's something I'm passionate about and I love sharing it with people and so the more that I - more to get involved better.

Ryan: Awesome! Before we let you go Crosby, your top 3 tips for our listeners to live optimal.

Crosby: Top 3 tips, hmm! Well, number one being, you know, coming through this lifestyle that I have: eat clean! When I mean it clean it's like, do your best in your situation with what you have to work with to stay away from these processed foods, a lot of these sugary foods. There's always gonna be a substitute for these things. Staying away from a lot of the stuff that's in boxes or, you know, if you're still eating TV dinners and stuff that's frozen for months on end and you pop it in it's like, using the microwave and this kind of stuff. Eat fresh, lots of fresh vegetables. Get some of your good antioxidant fruits involved and then good, clean grass-fed proteins, grass-fed meats, wild fish. And, you know, try not to eat so much of these sugary foods. Like our - we don't really need a lot of it, you know, eat a lot of the natural - definitely eat some natural sugars from fruits and these kind of things. But, you know, we don't need these sugar spikes in our diet, so um - and last but not least to preach exactly what the dessert [unclear 01:01:35] and some of these things that I really like in terms of diet ideas: good fats. Get those good fats so your brain can thrive and these things, you know. I'm a huge believer in some of these saturated fats, I know it's coming around full circle now in the market. People are eating butter, they're eating ghee, they're eating coconut oil, MCT oil, some of these more saturated fats the doctors told us to stay away from for some long. People are having them and thriving and their brains turned on, and they're burning fat better, they're sleeping better and they're more anabolic and they're preserving muscle tissue and sex drive is better. But also, you know, don't forget about your avocado, your mono-saturateds, your olive oils, these kind of things. So just - just try to keep a clean diet and don't, you know - one thing that I always harp on with clients is try not to drink a lot of your calories.

Ryan: Right.

Crosby: You know, there's some - there's some decent, like, probiotic beverages on the market and stuff but in terms of these like fruit juices and these kind of things, like there's nothing wrong with just having a green juice. That's a way better alternative, you know, getting some of these very, very hydrating green juices. Drink a lot of water. Eating clean definitely, definitely means in my opinion eating a lot of water - I mean drinking a lot of water. Number two: stimulate yourself in some kind of way on a daily basis when it comes to your brain. Stimulate your brain on a daily basis. It's like anything - it's like anything else, you know? We spend so much time going to the gym and stimulating our, our muscles and our bones and getting our heart rates up so we can have better circulation. It's like, read. Go find your - you know, pick up a book and have that be your nighttime nightcap as opposed to watching TV. Go get a nice piece to read on that's either gonna provide you, you know, educationally with - you can research a little more on something you're passionate about or dive into more of your spiritual self. And some of these self-help books out there are really awesome, too. Stimulate, stimulate! Stimulate the brain because we need to keep working it or else, you know you get older and things aren't that quick anymore. And if you don't keep practicing and keep up that stimulation it doesn't turn out very well for a lot of people as they age. Definitely seen that firsthand. And number three, man, um...I would have to say just live your life with gratitude, you know. 

Ryan: Awesome.

Crosby: When it comes to your own happiness I've always noticed, like, as soon as I'm in a place where I'm - where I'm grateful, everything gets better because it changes your attitude. It's a complete game-changer for your attitude. And, you know, when you go back into these negative states where it's like: 'Woe is me!' or where you're frustrated or angry about something, or you're jealous about something and it's me, me, me and ego, this ego thing again. You lose this sight of gratitude and as soon as you get back to it like, whoa! That's now my - you know you see your life completely differently every time you're brought back in it - a state of that gratefulness. So living gratitude and when you do this, man like, that heart chakra opens in the right way and your third eye will open in the right way, and your manifestation - you know, your third eye and heart would connect in a way to where your passion and your love for things can be created with this intuition and this manifestation to have, like that's - that creates your life path. And, you know, you'll walk around just being nicer to people.

Ryan: Yeah.

Crosby: You know, like it's - it's so frustrating to see people that kind of live in their own world and don't have this same kind of connection. Because when you - because when you really dive in and you do it, you can't not connect.

Ryan: Right, right.

Crosby: You know? Like when you really go in within yourself and you really let go of the ego and ways that you - that you can, and you really live with your heart, and you connect these things and you have all this gratitude, that's what brings you into this connection of the world. That's what connects you with these people that you've never connected with before, that you had no - you know that you don't have anything in common with. There's so many people I have a - I have such a community now at Erewhon. People that are all in the same kind of mind state where they eat the right - eat this certain way, they wanna stimulate themselves and learn, and they all try to act with as much gratitude as possible and when that happens, this community forms of people that are all kind of watching each other's back and all there for each other and all - it's - we're animals so it goes back to this state of like, you know, in tribes where you could come back to this place of community and be cared for and nurtured in ways where your oxytocin changes. And instead of being at home by yourself, isolating yourself from everybody else in the world and in your head and completely in this ego state to where you're dwelling on things or you're excited about things, depending, you know. Amazing thing - amazing thing happens, super elated and you're feeling great. Horrible thing happens, down in the dumps again, 'I hate myself.’ So it's like you're in this community of gratitude where like, now we just adapt and we talk to each other and we work things out and - and we have compassion for each other. And it's such a cool thing and we need more of it. And there's - I feel like there's such an ascendance of consciousness happening right now and a lot of people are talking about big, big dates, September 27th being a big one where there's like a lunar eclipse, blood moon, full moon. And it's in Aries, which I'm an Aries so I'm really looking forward to it. But all happening in one day and, you know, the yogis are talking about it being a huge ascendance of consciousness for a lot of people to where we can really progress in our thinking and in our hearts and minds to be - to live at a different place to where it's just love. So much love. It sounds corny and people are gonna be like: 'Oh, he's, you know, he's so full of it' but I'm not! Like I just really, really love coming from that state of, like, having this heart vibration and understanding and knowing that, like, this is the connection that we can form.

Ryan: Yeah! Well, I will - you know, to your statement there about all people: 'Oh he's woo-woo and out there.’ The people that I've encountered and the people that have come on this show and talked about exploring consciousness and mindfulness seem to have two things in common: an elevated level of happiness and an increased level of success. So, I don't think there's a coincidence there and I think it's definitely something worth looking into and exploring for yourself, you know how far down that path is right for you. 

Crosby: And - yeah, of course!

Ryan: So Crosby, we are out of time! Really, really grateful for you coming on and sharing some of your knowledge and time with us today. For all of our listeners, make sure you check out Crosby. We will have the links to everything he mentioned - website, Facebook, social media on with the show notes and the video version of this. And thank you guys for listening, make sure you head over to iTunes, give us a 5* review and we will see you next Thursday with another great new Optimal Performance Podcast.

Crosby: Oh, Ryan! Ryan, before we go I gotta tell people about my new little trick when it comes to certain things that I like to work with. I just got - I've just been taking a lot more charcoal for detoxification.

Ryan: Yes!

Crosby: And the guy, the holistic guy that I went to I think listeners will really like this. The holistic guy that I'm going to told me to start taking 2 to 3, depending on body weight 2 to 3 charcoal caps. I really like the Bulletproof charcoal, but 2 to 3 charcoal caps before exercise, especially intense exercise.

Ryan: Okay.

Crosby: Because when you're contracting like that at such high levels the lymph system dumps like no other. Obviously while we're sweating and stuff but if you don't have good detoxification systems -sweat, stool, urine - you're dumping a lot of this toxic stuff into the bloodstream. So what the charcoal will do is it sweeps it up before you have these issues of - well there's Herxheimer effects from it or you don't feel so great post-workouts. That's a new thing that I've done and in terms of people that use supplements and other things before, it's only absorbing - the charcoal only really absorbs like 10%. Everything else you put in the body.

Ryan: Wow! That's cool information, that's a great tip! I can't wait to try that.

Crosby: Yeah, try it out.

Ryan: Yeah, thank you man!

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