Alex Mullen World Memory Champion Shares His Secrets

He can memorize the order of a deck of cards in 17 seconds...

He holds the Guinness Book's World Record for memorizing 3,029 digits in an hour

He's the first American to claim the title of Memory World Champion...

And he's only 23!

Alex Mullen joins us on Episode 37 of the Optimal Performance Podcast to share his strategies you you can improve your memory.

He can memorize the order of a deck of cards in 17 seconds..., he holds the Guinness Book World Record for memorizing 3,029 digits in an hour, he's the first American to claim the title of Memory World Champion...and he's only 23!

A graduate of the Johns Hopkins BioMedical Engineering program, Alex Mullen is currently a 2nd-year medical school student at the University of Mississippi. When he's not taking classes, he's compiling an impressive resume in the memory competition world - all with the goal of helping others, like you and me, improve OUR memories.

Talking with Alex was a blast, enjoy...

Spaced Repetitions = If you want to remember something long-term, you HAVE to review it.


What You'll Learn From Alex Mullen on How To Improve Your Memory:

  • Our strengths often come from working on our Alex turned his memory struggles into a World Championship
  • Applying memory contest techniques to real-world applications - AKA: HOW YOU CAN USE IT
  • The "curve of forgetting" and why cramming doesn't work for long-term memory
  • Alex's 4 Tips To Improve Your Memory:
    • Memory Palace - The strategy Alex uses to memorize everything - including a deck of cards in 17 seconds.
    • Spaced Repetitions - The secret to moving information from short-term memory to long-term
    • Exercise Your Memory - Test yourself with everyday things like names of people you meet, grocery lists, and more - have fun, build confidence, and keep the momentum rolling
    • How To Learn a New Language/Grow Your Vocabulary - Assign images to words and
  • How memory techniques boost visual creativity
  • The 20-Word Memory Challenge
    • @31:31 = Take the 10-Word Challenge NOW! Can YOU memorize these 10 words?
  • Alex's World Record of 3,029 digits memorized in 60 minutes - 15% improvement over the previous record.
  • Get more from Alex Mullen
  • Alex gives us his Top 3 tips to #LiveOptimal



Links & Resources

Alex's Website

Moonwalking With Einstein

20-Word Video

5 Hacks For Increased Learning & Memory (Including Pomodoros)

[Tweet ""Most barriers in life are psychological." - Alex Mullen"]

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