My Brain Functions Better with CILTEP!

My Brain Functions Better with CILTEP!

Hi! My name is Jayla Keane and I am a nationally certified critical care nurse in Tampa, Florida. I have been an ER and ICU nurse since 1997. The majority of my nursing career was spent in a very large Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit caring for very brain injured patients. While there I enjoyed working side by side with some of the nation's best neurologists and neurosurgeons.

I am also a 45-year-old active mother of three kids and have been told I am in fantastic shape for my age. Due to Celiac disease, I have been grain free for some time.

My problems with memory

I started having concentration issues and problems with my memory about 10 years ago. I was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder as an adult and started on a medication regiment. As time went by, my symptoms progressed and worsened. I was constantly fighting the feeling of not being at my maximum potential.

I felt scattered, forgetful, and irritable. I am an intelligent, educated and outgoing woman who was struggling to recall information and was having trouble finding words. It was frustrating and embarrassing. I kept attributing the brain fog to the long hours and a very stressful occupation. However, I loved my job as an ICU nurse in a level one trauma center and didn't want to give it up .

The diagnosis


My neurological symptoms progressed until I had an emergency MRI of the brain in May of 2013. The results were a shock. Maybe ADD wasn't the reason for all my difficulty with cognition after all. I had multiple scattered areas of damage to my brain in the bilateral frontal and temporal lobes.

I was diagnosed with white matter disease of the brain. The doctors could only tell me that the damage looked auto immune in nature. I had worked with critically ill neurological patients for many years so I knew what I could be facing.

My doctors started the auto immune work and I immediately began to search for help with symptoms. I started strictly eating clean as I knew that healthy fats were important to the cognitive function of the brain. As I was desperately searching for help, I stumbled across "The Bulletproof Executive".

I started using the bulletproof coffee and ordering suggested supplements. I had been drinking the bulletproof coffee for about three months with some improvement but still suffered some processing and memory issues - especially when the sun went down. One night I decided to order the CILTEP as it was the featured product on

I have to tell you that CILTEP was a godsend for me. The first morning I took the recommended dose and was blown away! This was not a placebo effect. I had tried many different supplements, essential oils, prescription meds, coconut oil, MCT oil and none of them (alone or in combination) had such a profound and immediate impact.

My constant headache went away because my brain was functioning so fantastically. I was no longer searching for the right word or struggling to recall information. I became more productive and consequently improved so many areas in my life. My husband immediately noticed the improvement in my focus, energy and memory as well. I can honestly say it has been 10 years since my brain has functioned on this level!

Some of my favorite things about the CILTEP :

  1. It has continued to give the same results every day for the month I have been on it.
  2. CILTEP was so unlike the Adderall, Vyvanse or Provigil I had taken in the past. There was no racing heart, irritability or steep " drop off" with the CILTEP. I never felt such a profound difference in my focus or memory with any of the other medications.
  3. The stack lasts consistently for a good 12 -14 hours. My productive hours have doubled and I feel really good about where my life and health are going now.

I feel so strongly about CILTEP, I have reached out to a stroke neurologist that I have worked with over the years. At one time, physicians in our ICU prescribed stroke patients the medication Provigil (modafinil). I had first hand felt the difference between CILTEP and Provigil and wanted to share my experience with this medical provider.

I informed this neurologist of the huge difference that CILTEP has made in my cognition and memory, while dealing with the damage in my brain. I sent him the information links and suggested he investigate whether it would work for his stroke patients.

Sharing my success story

As an experienced neurological science intensive care nurse, I have witnessed firsthand the devastation that happens to people (and their families) with a damaged brain. I have begun to wonder about the implications that CILTEP could have for this patient population. This has lead me to take immediate action in sharing my success story first with those close to me and now others as well.

I first reached out to my sister who has suffered a stroke and another family member who has neurological deficits after a traumatic brain injury. Both suffer from memory problems. I informed them of the incredible change I have experienced and suggested that they take the information to their doctors and discuss if it is medically permissible for them to try the supplement. I have also shared my story with my primary physician as well. She is considering carrying CILTEP in her practice.

Considering how much improvement I have felt in my focus, processing and memory, I can only imagine how much of an edge the CILTEP stack would give to a healthy brain. Many of the surgical residents that I know work long hours and need to be mentally at their best at all times. I have recommended CILTEP to several of them as a way to function at their highest.

I have been eating clean, decreasing my stress professionally and personally and trying a variety of medications and supplements. Nothing really made a noticeable difference until CILTEP. I cannot tell you how great it is to have "me" back.

I am so happy to be able to spend time with my family and give up a huge chunk of the frustration that I carried for so long. I know that I am a better nurse, educator, parent and spouse than I have been in 10 years! It is obvious to those around me as well. CILTEP has been worth every penny to give me back my future.

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