Adam Von Rothfelder's 7 Daily Habits For Health and Success

Adam Von Rothfelder's 7 Daily Habits For Health and Success

What does every high achiever know?

That change, growth, and progress all hinge on behaviors, not results.

The secret lies in creating a repeatable system for delivery.

On this week's OPP, health and fitness expert Adam Von Rothfelder shares his 7 daily tasks to enable us to create and sustain momentum so we can "Earn the Day" and attain the balanced healthy lifestyle we're seeking.

Meet Adam Von Rothfelder

Adam Van Rothfelder is a model, celebrity trainer, movement expert, fitness pioneer and all around great human being.

We caught up with Adam in Los Angeles a few weeks ago to talk about his experience on NBC's Strong, his new mission "Earn The Day" and his thoughts on optimizing health and fitness.

This episode is full of insights from years in the health and fitness industry and it's loaded with actionable tips that you can implement into your routine for immediate results.


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What You'll Learn From AVR on the OPP: 

  • What Adam learned from NBC's STRONG
  • Behaviors vs. Results - which should we focus on?
  • The difference between motivation and momentum
  • Why you should treat every day as if it was Day 1
  • Adam's 7 daily tasks to kick ass
  • Starting the day with balance exercises
  • Restructuring water for increased absorption and mineralization
  • Adam's favorite recovery tools
  • Not all exercise is movement
  • Our propensity to overdo the physical and underdo the mental
  • Play vs. Exercise
  • Leading by example - not words
  • Where you can find more of AVR and Earn The Day
  • Adam Von Rothfelder's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal

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