Rolfing, Posture, Movement, and Being Pain-Free with Aaron Alexander

Rolfing, Posture, Movement, and Being Pain-Free with Aaron Alexander

Movement is one of the most underrated and misunderstood facets of health today.

It's sort of like health in general - something we take for granted until it's gone.

Quality, pain-free movement is the foundation of life, and of course performance (running, lifting weights, rock climbing, etc).

The health and wellbeing of our musculoskeletal system impacts our nervous system, our breathing, our posture, our hormones, and more.

This week's guest on the OPP is Aaron Alexander and he breaks it down into easy to understand and easy to implement action items. 

Aaron Alexander and Align Therapy

A free spirit with amazing energy and a passion for helping other improve the quality of their lives (in many domains), Aaron is a LMT, cPT, and certified Rolfer who studied structural integration at The Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode.

It is truly LOADED with great conversation and actionable tips for you.

We cover tips to hack your car's seat so it stops wrecking your spine.

He explains why we need to organize, THEN mobilize our spine. 

And if you don't think this applies to you, answer this question... 

What do your spine and skeleton look like right now?

Bottom line, movement is life. And moderns humans are wrecking their bodies.

If you have any kind of shoulder, neck, back, hip, knee or foot pain - you need to listen to this one.

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What You'll Learn from Aaron on the OPP:

  • What is structural integration and how does it differ from other treatment modalities
  • Why is connective tissue an overlooked 
  • Organize, THEN mobilize
  • Why most disc herniations happen at L5 or S1
  • Posture hacks for desk jockeys 
  • How to boost testosterone 20% in 2 minutes through body language
  • Ending quad dominance
  • Discover the Rolfing treatment modality
  • Hacking your car or airplane seat to save your posture
  • "Breathe is the king of brain. Nerves are the king of breathe."
  • Stress hormones, posture, breathing and health
  • Why dance may be the best form of exercise (for your brain)
  • Mike Tyson and Torque
  • The relationship between hydration and eleasticity
  • Where you can find more of Aaron & Align Therapy
  • Aaron Alexander's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal
Catch Ryan on the Align Therapy Podcast (airs Monday 3/6)

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