Stronger. Faster. Harder To Kill. The Vanguard Part 1

Stronger. Faster. Harder To Kill. The Vanguard Part 1

How much of an asset are YOU?

Self defense.

Night-time navigation skills.

Rappelling from 100' ledges.

Marksmanship - with handguns and rifles.

Butchering wild game.

Grappling, striking, and close quarters combat - all taught by Special Forces Operators.

Welcome to Atomic Athlete's Vanguard.

This is Part 1 of a 2-part series.

Our Co-Founder Ben Hebert and I will be attending Atomic Athlete's Vanguard event near Austin, Texas next weekend and recording footage and interviews for a future podcast (Part 2: Stronger. Faster. Harder To Kill.)

Today, in Part 1 we discuss the Vanguard with two of the men responsible for its genesis: Jake Saenz & Tod Moore.

What is The Vanguard?

Vanguard - /ˈvanˌɡärd/ noun: a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas, or a position at the forefront of new developments or ideas.

Atomic Athlete's Vanguard weekend is a 3-day immersion course that helps teach the skills necessary for one to become an asset to any tribe on the forefront of self awareness, growth, and optimization.

This "ultimate man camp" (it IS a co-ed event) features 90-minute instructional blocks designed to introduce attendees to situations and skills normally reserved for only those in the military or law enforcement.

The idea is to reduce fear of certain situations and to increase situational competency through exposure and elite-level training.

Make no mistake about it - we're not playing soldier... we're simply sharpening our skills and expanding our repertoire of useful skills. We're becoming more competent human beings so that we can be an asset - or add value - to more situations. 

Jake and Tod are amazing men who inspire me - and many others - to be better humans. I know you're going to enjoy this episode, and I look forward to learning from them in person, and sharing that footage and those lessons with you in a future podcast (Part 2).

Listen to the OPP on-the-go:



Tips To Become a More Useful Human with Jake & Tod on the OPP:

  • Meet the Vanguard - the frontline of skill acquisition and value-added humans
  • Why physical suffering is a prerequisite for mental resiliency
  • "Do the things you suck at."
  • How to identify weaknesses and why this skill is crucial for continued growth
  • How familiarity reduces fear
  • "You're supposed to suck at this"
  • Understanding your ego
  • Why you shouldn't be the best person in your group
  • Is watching football a waste of your time?
  • How to be an asset in every situation. Approach life with a "how can I add value to this situation?" attitude
  • Where you can find more of Jake & Tod 
  • Jake and Tod share their Top 3 Tips To Live Optimal (Part 2 = My 3 big takeaways)

Links & Resources

Atomic-Athlete Website

The Vanguard Event

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