Biohack Your Bed: Creating The World's Healthiest Bed

Biohack Your Bed: Creating The World's Healthiest Bed

You've probably heard that you spend one third of your life asleep in bed.  

The average person spends 10 years watching television.

And another 10 years working.

But that's nothing when it comes to sleep. With an average life expectancy of 75 years, you're likely to spend a whopping 25 years in bed.

It's no wonder that choosing a bed is one of the hardest purchases a person can make.

Most people judge a mattress on firmness alone (cue image of the glass of wine not spilling as a bowling ball is dropped on the other side of the mattress), but if we're spending a third of our entire life sleeping in a bed, shouldn't we invest in the time and money into a bed that has the greatest ROI on the other two thirds of our life? 

Our guest in this episode is Claus Pummer, and he believes choosing the right mattress is one of the most important life decisions you can make, second from picking the right spouse. 

How To Achieve Optimal Sleep Hygiene

Claus is the Managing Director of SAMINA, a company that specializes in creating the world's healthiest, 4-layer, chemical-free mattresses to foster quality sleep. Born in Germany, Claus is also a sleep coach who studied under a renowned sleep expert through the Austrian Institute for Sleep Psychology.

It this episode we talked about all the different factors that can affect sleep quality, including how to optimize your sleep environment to make your bedroom conducive to efficient sleep.

We've talked about ways to improve sleep many times - including this podcast with PEMF devices and sleep stages, this podcast on lucid dreaming, and this guide to optimizing sleep.

Today, we're talking about the place where you'll actually saw those logs - and log 25 or more years of time - IN THE BED ITSELF.

You'll learn how magnetism, inclines, metal springs, fire retardant chemicals, organic materials, foam padding and mites (yes, those microscopic insects) all impact your sleep and health.

Claus will tell you how Samina has optimized each of these aspects of the bed, and I'll make sure you know how you can set this up in your own home - with, or without a Samina bed. 

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What You'll Learn From Claus Pummer in this episode:

  • How to shop for the perfect mattress
  • What makes the 4-layer Samina system match our bodies skeletal, electrical, skin, and muscular systems
  • How many times should you be tossing and turning each night?
  • Why you should avoid metal springs and bed frames
  • Are you sleeping in 4.5 gallons of fire-retardant chemicals every night?
  • How to reduce harmful noise pollution and radio frequency exposure
  • Why Ryan hates his Sleep Number bed
  • The benefit of PEMF mats during the day
  • How long should your bed last?
  • The three pillars of optimal health
  • Why you should walk around barefoot and naked as much as possible
  • How temperature affects sleep quality
  • Why indoor pollution may be a bigger problem than outdoor pollution
  • How our ancestors slept and why we're wired to sleep that way
  • Where you can find more of Claus and Samina
  • Claus' Top 3 Tips To #LiveOptimal


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