Discover What Your Phone Reveals About You

Discover What Your Phone Reveals About You

As technology evolves, cell phones are becoming an increasingly critical part of our lives.

According to this March 2017 report in TechCrunch, the average US citizen spends 5 hours a day on their mobile phone.

Everything from social interaction and online shopping, even business communication is moving to mobile to keep up with the demands of our "I want it now" mobile phone-based culture.

We all have our favorite apps for sharing, education, and shopping along with our own custom home screen setups to optimize our use of this technology.

So what does your home screen layout and cell phone usage say about you?

Social scientists say your phone can reveal more about you than you think.

Mindful cyborg Chris Dancy - also known as the World's Most Connected Man - is about to launch a TV show where he performs "Phone Palmistry", reading people's phones like a psychic reads palms.

Here Chris shares the secrets of Phone Palmistry before he reveals them to the world on his upcoming TV show.

Who is Chris Dancy?

Chris Dancy is "The World's Most Connected Man" and the world is watching those connections carefully. He has been featured in Wired, Mashable, TechCrunch, the Wall Street Journal, and Businessweek, interviewed by NPR, the BBC, and Fox News. Chris is both the purveyor and subject of TED talks, and now headlined by Showtime’s Dark Net. 

What Does Your Phone Say About You?

We asked our Facebook Optimizers (join here) to share their phone screens with us so Chris could "read" them on the podcast.

Below are the actual screens sent in and read by Chris. His accuracy and insights are amazing - just watch the reactions from the owners of these phones for proof.

Home Screen

Natalia's home screen on the left. Skip's home screen on the right.

Chris's insights:

The home screen on the left belongs to a person who is clearly trying to separate and find balance between work and home life. This person is warm, bright, cheerful and values education, balance, and family. (Spot on.)

Listen to Chris explain it on the podcast below.

According to Chris, the home screen on the right represents a spiritual person going through a major life change and seeking to have his voice heard. (Spot on)


Today Screen

Think of the "today" screen as the screen that shows you what you want to keep on top of your mind and at your fingertips.

What do you want to be reminded of?

What is your phone telling you to do?

What is it helping you do more/less?


Battery Usage

This screen is an accurate way of measuring how you use your phone. It's also great for making sure you're using your phone in a way that aligns with your values.

Are you spending all your time on work emails? Social media? Educating yourself?

There is no right or wrong answer. It's about what type of tool you want your phone to be for your lifestyle and stated goals.

Be sure to evaluate the last 7 days instead of the last 24 hours, as that is a more representative look at the way you use your phone.


How To Make Your Phone Work For You

  • Clear your home screen (now possible on iPhone). Your background greets you multiple times per day. Choose one that aligns with your values and goals, then keep it clean - clear your home screen so you only see this background image, not apps.
  • Use your today screen to prioritize your apps and reminders. This should be a shortcut to the things you want to be reminded of and do often. For example, DMinder to getting outside, meditation apps for breaks and recovery throughout the day, or reminders to be grateful.
  • Check out the FREE "Space" app from Dopamine Labs. It "cushions" your social media apps and forces you to take 1-2 deep breathes before opening Facebook or Instagram. 

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