Heavy Metal Toxicity and Chronic Fatigue with Dr. Stephen Lewis

Heavy Metal Toxicity and Chronic Fatigue with Dr. Stephen Lewis

Today’s episode of the OPP features straight-shooting Texas-based holistic doctor, Stephen Lewis who specializes in chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid issues and heavy metal detoxification.
On this episode, we talk about why US chicken farmers won’t eat their own chickens (you shouldn’t either), how heavy metal get into our bodies, disrupt hormonal function and health and what you can do about, as well as other strategies to detoxify our bodies and help optimize our health and energy levels.
Dr. lewis shares some of his favorite vitamins, minerals, and herbs for detoxification, hormone optimization, cancer-fighting, and energy metabolism.



Show Notes

  • Dr. Lewis gives us his story on who he is and what he does
    • If you put in the right kind of nutrients your body can take care of itself
  • What’s going on with the obesity epidemic in America?
    • Environment is toxic
    • He has friends who raise chickens and they will not eat those chickens
  • Why regulations different in the US compared to Europe?
  • Where do we get exposed to heavy metals?
    • Lead in our gasoline
    • Deodorant
  • What are his thoughts on cadmium detox?
    • I don’t care how pretty your pickup truck is, you still have to give it gas to go down the road
  • What is the difference between chronic fatigue and just being tired?
    • Chronic is long-term
    • Normal/Average terms have been basterized
    • If your doctor says you are fine, why don’t you feel fine
  • What are some of the micronutrients that you feed your patients to help them feel optimal?
    • Multi-vitamin, fish oil, digestive enzyme, probiotics and fiber (he includes vitamin D as well)
    • All supplements are not created equal
  • Dr. Lewis talks about swollen lip nodes in regards to chronic fatigue
    • Always have to go back to the gut
  • Is there an overlap between the thyroid and chronic fatigue?
  • Why is selenium such an important mineral?
    • Anti-cancer
    • It is not that genetics won’t catch up with you, but you can very largely effect genetic expression through nutrition
    • Sources are important
  • Why does he have such high regard for the ashwagandha herb?
  • What are some of differences he has noticed with his travels across the world?
    • Road rage lower in China
    • Russians not happy
  • What are some actionable items that people can do to reduce screen time?
    • Get back to nature
    • Need to get back to simple
  • If you could recommend one test to for the listeners to take, what would that be?
    • Not chasing the dollar, chasing health and relationships
  • What are your top 3 tips to live optimal?

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