Craving The Truth: Nutrition Advice That Works

Craving The Truth: Nutrition Advice That Works

With all the information available to us in this internet age, it's easy to be confused by contradicting opinions or simply be so overwhelmed that you don't know where to start.

Craving The Truth provides simple, science-backed nutrition advice that works.

Author Chris Dufey was tired of the confusion, so created the ultimate guide for those hungry for the truth.

Meet Chris Dufey

Chris Dufey specializes in helping fitness-minded entrepreneurs build a mind, body and life they love.

HIs latest project under that umbrella is his nutrition book Craving The Truth. I sat down with Chris in October during the Bulletproof Conference to discuss how his book is changing the way people think about food - and changing the way an author can use a book to help the world.

Chris is not making a dime on this book. 100% of his proceeds will go to help provide meals for kids in need.

What You'll Hear on OPP 154 with Chris Dufey

  • Helps people build the body and business they want
  • Why are we leading the life of compromise
  • Doesn’t want his kids to grow up with poor relationship with food
  • Clean plate club
  • Empower the right people to do the right things
  • The four principles
  • Structure provides a lot of freedom
  • You have to take responsibility for your health and your body

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