Entrepreneur Using Supplements To Fuel Business Success

Entrepreneur Using Supplements To Fuel Business Success

As optimizers we are obsessed with self-improvement.

We know there is always something we can do to better ourselves.

Whether it’s mental or physical abilities, we all want to be in the best shape and perform at the highest level every day.

For Anik Seth, it’s all about keeping his head in the game while flying around the globe chasing his entrepreneurial dreams.

“I’m always on the go, things are always happening. My continual life goal is to always be a service to as many people as possible,” Seth said.

GSD Mode: Getting Stuff Done

Between running a franchise and supporting a startup tech company, Seth doesn’t have a lot of room for error. That’s why he supplements daily with Natural Stacks.

Anik’s strategies take less than two minutes a day, yet they provide powerful results and support huge successes in all of his entrepreneurial endeavors.

“To give the best service you have to be in the right mindset. To be in the right mindset you have to eat the right food and have the right wavelength in terms of the way you think. If all those three factors fall into line, you will be present,” Seth said.

A Unique Biohacking Approach

We’ve heard from optimizers who use supplements for athletic performance (Skipp Platt) and for dietary needs (Veronica Culver), but Seth takes a different approach to the use and necessity of supplements.

To Seth, it’s all about providing valuable services to everyone he comes in contact with. In order to be the best business owner, it is imperative for him to be 100% mentally engaged.

His supplement routine isn’t rigid and absolute. Instead, Seth taps into his personal body needs every day to see what product will work best for him considering the activities his day holds.

“Even with supplementation, you should listen to your body. It doesn’t have to be a proper routine or lifestyle. If you’re in tune with your body and you know what you need to take to keep you on track then you’re moving in the right direction,” Seth said. “When you keep it flexible, you don’t feel the mental pressure of having to take something when you don’t need it.”

With every stack, Seth considers which supplements will help him reach optimal success every day.

“Being of east Indian decent, I need a higher dose of Vitamin D3 due to my darker skin color. If I need more energy on the road, I turn to Vitamin C for immunity and energy boosts,” Seth explained. “When I have a full day of meetings, I take CILTEP to remain focused and to have the most productive outcome.”

The Krill Oil Experiment

Beyond his own success with Natural Stacks, Seth has found an incredible change in his friends and family after sharing his biohacking secrets with them. Seth began an experiment with his 60-year-old father to prove that supplementing at any age for any purpose will give a positive result and an overall life enhancement.

“My dad didn’t understand the important difference between Krill Oil found at the grocery store and Natural Stacks, so we put him on Krill Oil for a month then took him off for a month,” Seth explained. “In the month off, he saw he was a little slower, more lethargic, and his health began to deteriorate again. When he went back to Natural Stacks Krill Oil and Vitamin D, his energy came back, his moods were regulated, and his health is immediately improved.”

Knowing that Natural Stacks supplements are a special breed, Seth shares as much as he can with his closest relationships to help them become the best possible.

“I just tell my friends straight up. The stuff you buy at the grocery is not the same as what I’m handing you. When you have a company that doesn’t use proprietary blends and has access to high quality ingredients, you can’t go wrong,” Seth said. “Everything is backed up by research and if it is used by someone like Dave Asprey, it’s going to be a beneficial product for you.”

The Most Trusted Business Partner: Supplements

The relationship Seth has with Natural Stacks products closely resembles the way he would treat any business relationship. He knows the importance of building trust with those you work closely with and he has made Natural Stacks his trusted partner in health and wellness.

“I use supplements for everything from general health to high levels of brain functioning and productivity,” said Seth. “I need to trust something, so I rely heavily on these products. I haven’t found Vitamin D in Canada that can get 5000 IU with the coconut oil at the quality Natural Stacks provides. Now, I don’t have to take 15 pills of 1000 IU just to get my daily dosage.”

In all, Anik Seth is all about seizing the opportunity to be his best self - whether that’s in the office, on the road, in the gym or even in the kitchen.

“To be in the right frame of mind to serve, be present and be aware and harness an opportunity, you have to be operating at 100%,” Seth explained. “To be operating at 100% you have to be good in terms of dietary needs, food, attitude. Supplementation is critical because we aren’t getting all of our nutrients from our food, and that’s where Natural Stacks comes in for me. I want to deliver value to people I serve. It’s a seamless integration that allows me to operate at the best capacity.”

Seth is one of thousands of optimal performers in the Natural Stacks community who is using his influence to help others find their supplementation journey.

To hear more on Anik Seth’s journey and professional endeavors, check out his personal website.

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