How Eric Remensperger Cured His Own Cancer

How Eric Remensperger Cured His Own Cancer

"Cancering is verb. Everyone is cancering and healing on a spectrum, at all times. 

Our bodies are always producing cells that are - or could be - cancerous

The question is, "Is your body - your immune system - keeping those cells in check?"

Cancer as a diagnosis is really just the symptom of the long term process of 'cancering' gone uncontrolled." - Eric Remensperger

Eric Remensperger knows more than most when it comes to cancer. Eric is a cancer survivor, having been diagnosed with Stage IV, inoperable, metastatic Prostate Cancer.

In short, his diagnosis was "as bad as it gets".

Doctors were talking about the number of months he had left...

Today, Eric is alive, cancer-free, and talking about how he healed his body without modern standards of care - no chemotherapy and no radiation - and what you need to know about this metabolic disease we call cancer.

**Disclaimer: This is not intended to be medical advice. This is one man's story of survival.**

Cancer Diagnosis Now 'More Common Than Marriage'

A Medscape report published July 10th by MacMillan Cancer Support, the UK's leading cancer charity, declared that UK residents are now more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than they are to get married, graduate from University, or have a first child.

Specifically, the numbers tally up to over 365,000 UK residents diagnosed with cancer every year. That's over 1,000 diagnoses per day. Every day.

We're doing something wrong...

Meet Eric Remensperger

When Eric Remensperger was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic Prostate Cancer, his prognosis was bleak. His cancer was inoperable and doctors said his status was "as bad as it gets."

He took his recovery into his own hands, reading 14 books in 21 days on cancer prevention, metabolism, and treatment.

He refused the normal standards of care like radiation or chemotherapy that destroy healthy mitochondria and compromise the immune system.

With a deep understanding of how the disease works and some science-backed treatments Eric beat the disease and restored his body to normal, healthy function.

He focused on boosting his immune system, oxygen, fasting, therapeutic ketosis, light, sleep, water, and functional foods with cancer-arresting nutrients.

What follows is Eric's story, and the information that changed - err, saved - his life.

For a deeper dive on cancer, see Eric's guest blog post on GcMAF, Nagalese, and Cancer here.

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    People Mentioned:

    Eric's New Superfood Shake Recipe:

    "With respect to my 'new shake' ingredients – here you go (much simpler but a bit OCD nonetheless!):"

    • Arugula (handful)
    • Celery (2 stalks)
    • Tumeric root
    • Broccoli sprouts (1-2 oz)
    • Basil
    • Rosemary
    • Cilantro
    • Mint
    • ½ lemon (with skin and seeds)
    • Avocado (1/2 with pit)
    • Hemp protein (2 scoops)
    • Coconut milk (full fat)
    • Egg yolks (2)
    • Coconut vinegar
    • Fulvic Mineral Complex
    • Brain Octane
    • MSM powder
    • Creatine powder
    • Astragalis
    • Schizandra
    • Holy Basil
    • Stevia
    • Moringa Powder
    • Reshi or Cordyceps (alternate)
    • Dulce (flakes)
    • Aloe vera juice

    Eric's Original 48-Ingredient Super Smoothie

    "Place these ingredients into large-mouth quart sized Mason jars during the weekend to save prep time:

    • Brazil Nuts
    • Pumpkin seeds
    • Chia seeds
    • Primal Defense Ultra (probiotic formula)
    • Active Lipoic Acid (300 mg) 
    • CoQ10 (200 mg)
    • Vitamin C (1,000 mg)
    • Vitamin B Complex
    • Vitamin D3 (3,000 mg)
    • Natural Stacks curcumin (Meriva – SR)
    • Cissus Quadrangularis Extract
    • Pine pollen extract 
    • Bladderwack powder 
    • Tongat-Ali powder 
    • Maca Root powder
    • MSM powder
    • Cinnamon powder
    • Maqui Berry powder 
    • Matcha green tea extract
    • Sunflower lecithin
    • Cocao nibs
    • Cocao butter
    • Schizandra extract
    • Astragalus root extract
    • Chlorella powder
    • Spirulina powders
    • Seaweed (both Dulse and Hiziki)
    • Goji Berries
    • Collagen protein

    The day prior to making a shake from these ingredients, I take the jar of powders and add the following:

    • Spring water (stir the powder and pills)
    • Raw-milk kefir
    • Natto (wake it up first by stirring)
    • Aloe vera juice

    The mixture is then allowed to soak overnight. The next day, the contents from the jar are put into a blender with:

    • Celery
    • Basil
    • Rosemary
    • Parsley (curley – full bunch)
    • Cilantro (full bunch)
    • Fresh Ginger
    • Cranberry juice
    • Olive Oil (raw unfiltered cold pressed)
    • Coconut vinegar 
    • Avocado pit (if I have avocado that day) 
    • Raw (frozen) liver
    • Palm oil
    • Stevia

    I then run the blender on high for about a minute, and then bring it down to a low level and add:

    • Pastured raw eggs (2)
    • Whey protein”

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