Featured Optimizers: May 2016

Featured Optimizers: May 2016

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May 2016 Featured Optimizers

Dr. Josh Binstock

Optimizer, Dr. Josh Binstock, took home the silver medal on May 22nd during the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Cincinnati Open. Pictured left alongside his doubles beach volleyball partner, Sam Schachter, Dr. Josh Binstock proudly shows off his silver medal.

The Cincinnati Open was one of the last qualifying events before this August's Summer Olympic Games in Rio. As of June 12th, Binstock and Shachter are within reach of qualifying with only a few teams vying for a spot ahead of them.

We're confident that with his hard work and the assistance of Natural Stacks lifestyle and performance enhancing all natural supplements, Binstock will play on the sands of Rio this summer!

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Kayla Donato

"Koda is just as impressed with @NaturalStacks shipment as I am!"

Bulletproof Coffee Ambassador Kayla and her adorable dog Koda are both excited for their shipment of Natural Stacks nootropics and physical performance supplements.

Instagram: @bulletprooflifestyle

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Bethany Davis

Optimizer, Bethany Davis, an avid runner and all around fitness champ uses Natural Stacks to get through her busy days. A mother of three, Bethany juggles her busy lifestyle with a little help from Natural Stacks products.

Instagram: @davispartyof5

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Picnik Austin's New Marshmallow Chai Latte

Picnik Austin, located on South Lamar, is a Paleo and healthy lifestyle seekers dream butter coffee shop.

They've recently created a new, unbelievably delicious Chai Latte for those who prefer tea but still want the outstanding benefits that come with butter coffee. Weight loss, natural productive energy, improved cognitive function, and a daily boost of healthy fats.

Natural Stack's Vanilla Bean Protein, a blend of grass-fed whey, grass-fed collagen, grass-fed colostrum, and Madagascar vanilla bean, along with unrefined maple syrup is what helps to give this Chai Latte it's outstanding marshmallow flavoring.

If you're in the Austin area you've got to check them out!

Instagram: @picnikaustin

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Gabby Farrington

"A staple in my gym bag- my @naturalstacks BCAAs. I've learned how essential these are to both building and repairing my muscles. The best part is knowing that they're not filled with the same disgusting things that can be found in other BCAAs on the market (human hair or bird feathers anyone?) I take mine right before my workout and again a few hours later."

Gabby Farrington is a hard working mother of one, as well as a fitness queen and health guru. We're glad that Natural Stacks BCAAs passed her test!

Instagram: @gabbyfarrington


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