GABA: The Inhibitory Neurotransmitter with Abelard Lindsay

GABA: The Inhibitory Neurotransmitter with Abelard Lindsay

GABA is a "social shock absorber that puts bubble wrap around the ego."

It also increases empathy, eases socialization and boost overall wellbeing.

Yet it is perhaps most well known for it's ability to promote relaxation and restorative sleep.

On this episode of the OPP, we deep dive into the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA.


Abelard Lindsay & GABA Brain Food

The creator of CILTEP, Abelard Lindsay is a world-renowned nootropics formulator.

This week, he's back on the Optimal Performance Podcast to discuss GABA, the inhibitory transmitter.

While formulating GABA Brain Food for over a year, Abelard spent considerable time researching the inhibitory neurotransmitter, as GABA is known.

Abelard reveals how GABA aids in socialization and overall wellbeing, increases empathy, acceptance and has the ability to "bubble wrap our ego" 

We also cover issues with GABA availability and absorption when using traditional GABA supplements, as well some concerns with long-term safety of synthetic GABA supplements like phenibut or picamilon.

Abelard explains new research that increases GABA absorption in the brain, methods of extending GABA's lifespan in the body, and much more.

Get ready for a deep dive - this episode is everything you need to know about GABA.

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What You'll Learn about GABA from Abelard 

  • GABA's role as the inhibitory neurotransmitter
  • Alcohol and GABA
  • GABA for salespeople and increasing empathy, acceptance and interest
  • Problems with too much neural excitability - and how GABA increases focus by slowing down our neural pathways
  • GABA for sleep, neurogenesis and more
  • How to increase GABA levels in the brain by 4-10X
  • Unwanted issues with the GABA supplement Phenibut
  • L-Citrulline > L-Arginine for increasing Nitric Oxide
  • GABA Brain Food's benefits beyond supporting healthy GABA levels
  • Abelard's personal nootropic stacks
  • Why you need to be eating as much Sulforaphane as possible (TIP: add ground mustard seed powder to cooked vegetables to help activate sulforaphane in your body)
  • Japanese drug-makers using PDE4 inhibition to pursue ALS treatments
  • More evidence that High Intensity Interval Training boosts brain function (19 minutes 3 times a week)
  • Horny Goat Weed, PDE5 Inhibition and increasing Nitric Oxide
  • How learning helps us make connections between unexplored ideas 
  • Abelard's #1 Tip to #LiveOptimal

Links & Resources

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GABA Brain Food

Studies on Nitric Oxide Increasing GABA Availability in the Brain

  • In this study, GABA supplementation by itself increased brain GABA 33%, but when combined with L-arginine, a stimulator of nitric oxide, brain GABA rose 383.3%. (10X)

 Research on PDE4 Inhibition for several interesting possibilities


Norway Studies on HIIT 


Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Sulforaphane:

Horny Goat Weed

Muse Meditation

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