Inside Alzheimer's: Hacking Alzheimer's with Steve Fowkes

Inside Alzheimer's: Hacking Alzheimer's with Steve Fowkes

Alzheimer's, the cruel disease that destroys mental function, steals dignity, and frustrates families...may be preventable - even reversible.

The startling statistics (from the Alzheimer's Association):

  • 5.4 million people suffer from Alzheimers'
  • 1 in 3 seniors will die with some form of cognitive impairment (Alzheimer's or Dementia)
  • It kills more than breast and prostate cancer combined
  • Every 66 seconds someone new is diagnosed. This number will become every 33 seconds by 2050.

Did we mention it may be preventable. And reversible?

Steve Fowkes explains how on this week's Optimal Performance Podcast.

Meet Steve Fowkes

Steve Fowkes is a legend in the biohacking community - and for good reason.

He's an organic chemist, the Executive Director of CERI (Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute) and the Chief Science Officer of Nanopolymer Systems Corporation.

As Steve likes to say, he was hacking biology before the word "biohacking" was invented.

Steve has also consulted with numerous companies on nutritional education and product formulation and you can find more of his work at Project Wellbeing.

Steve Fowkes on the Optimal Performance Podcast

We're lucky to have Steve join us for not 1, but 2 episodes of the OPP. Part 2 will air in a few weeks.

In today's Part 1, we focus on the prevention and reversal of Alzheimer's Disease, including the role and importance of pH, redox balance, grounding, glutathione and the "browning out" of our metabolisms.

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    What you'll hear from Steve Fowkes on the OPP:

    • What your teeth and mercury levels can tell you about your Alzheimer’s risk
    • What is the “browning out” of our metabolism and why we should avoid it at all costs
    • Maintaining glutathione = the key to preventing alzheimer’s
    • Ways to protect & increase glutathione
    • How food cravings are driven by internal pH balance (or imbalance)
    • Redox reactions & balancing electrons - the science behind grounding - and why negative ions actually heal us
    • Discover the most rapidly depleting part of our brain
    • Identifying your individual weakness and tailoring your health regimen to it
    • The impact of being wired to the max
    • How we can combat living in an artificial world
    • Where you can find more of Steven Fowkes
    • Steve's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal

    Watch the Video Version:

    Links & Resources

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