Hacking Stem Cells

Hacking Stem Cells

Why are stem cells important?

Stem cells are the most important element in regeneration of the body. In order to stay youthful, vital and to recover from any degenerative disease, we need have effective stem cell release. But where do they come from? How can we make sure that we continue to "grow" more stem cells? What are the factors that contribute to decreasing stem cells release?

Enter Regan Archibald from East West Health.

Regan is a board certified acupuncturist, who is also at the cutting edge of stem cell therapy. Regan works with The University of Utah - which happens to be leading the nation in stem cell research. He's had 7 stem cell therapy sessions himself and treats patients from around the world at his clinics. He also has a podcast that covers a diverse range of topics from electromagnetic damage to sleep optimization. 

When it comes to stem cell therapy Regan Archibald is the guy. He is one of the most informed and experienced medical practitioners of stem cell therapy. In fact, Regan works with clinics, doctors, and naturopaths to help them develop a more integrated approach to their care. 

Our conversation ranged from hacking stem cell generation in the body without injections, stem cell therapy uses and the current state of stem cell therapy in today's medical climate. 

We also talk briefly about the value of banking stem cells from umbilical chords and placentas. 

Stem Cells

Highlights from the show:

  • By 35 your stem cell release rate goes down by 45%
  • By 50 it goes down by 50%
  • By 65 it goes plummets to 90% - so all you have left is 10% of your stem cell release rate.
  • The highest concentration of stem cells may be in the villi of small intestine (those finger-like projections that line the inside of our intestinal walls) and we can optimize these stem cells through dietary choices that promote nutrient absorption.
  • Stem cell therapy effects are permanent - you don't need additional treatments to maintain effects.
  • You can use your own stem cells or from others. Our bodies accept stem cells from other people, because they are processed in a way that our bodies won't reject/react negatively. 

Here are some of the ways you can increase the release rate of your own stem cells.

  • Fasting and/or eating in a reduced window - giving the gut the chance to process food completely...will boost stem cell release rate.
  • You can use cordyceps mushrooms like we have in Mycoboost to enhance stem cells (through modulating TH1 and TH2) - (link coming shortly)
  • Lion's Mane mushrooms like we have in Mycomind helps neuronal stem cells. Regan is a massive fan of Mycomind, and pointed out that Lion's Mane mushrooms work on the  Ogliodendrites and astrosites in the brain.
  • Accupuncture is an effective complimentary procedure for the efficacy of stem cell injections. Tests in China...30 subjects with osteoarthritis in the knee. Stem cells injection...those who had acupuncture along with stem cell injection responded 10-15% better. (link coming shortly)

Seems like a good time to consider stem cell therapy if you're experiencing any degenerative effects from disease. But in the meantime, you can take few steps into your own hands, to keep releasing those stem cells your body makes on its own.

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Have you dabbled in stem cell therapy? Do you have plans to bank stem cells for practical use down the line?
Let me know in the comments section below and let's chat!

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