Ice Bath Q & A Podcast

Ice Bath Q & A Podcast

A few months ago, the fine folks at Mind Pump Media used their creative genius to devise the ultimate format for a Q&A podcast episode.

They answered listeners questions while sitting in an ice bath. To make things interesting, they made it a contest, each of the 3 members of their team trying to last longer and answer more questions than the others.

Their winner, Justin, made it 7 minutes and change.

I love the idea and I'm kicking myself for not thinking of this first.

Since I can't be the first, I teamed up with former OPP guest and LionHeart Radio host, Rick Alexander to one-up the Mind Pump by lasting longer they did.

You sent in the questions. Here is the video proof of our tenacity along with the answers to your questions in this bonus episode of the OPP.

Note: Due to the ice machine's constant humming, the audio quality of this recording is not up to our standards for audio-format podcasts. Rather than trash the episode completely, we've posted the video on YouTube and here as a bonus episode.

Special thanks to the Old Dominion University athletic department for hosting us and allowing these shenanigans.


Have a question you want answered on the podcast? Post it in the comments below.

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