How Red Light Therapy Improves Cellular Function

Photobiomodulation is the scientific term for light hacking. PBM for short, photobiomodulation extends beyond avoiding blue light after dark...

Volumes of scientific literature show that red and infrared light therapy improve cellular health, leading to a long list of health benefits including wound healing, tissue repair, muscle recovery, skin clarification and more.

OPP host Ryan Munsey caught up with Scott Nelson and Justin Strahan of Joovv at the Bulletproof Conference to explore the science behind these benefits of red and near infrared light therapy, along with everything else we need to know about red light and PBM.

If you're interested in, or currently using red lights, this is a must listen episode of the OPP.

What You'll Hear From Justin Strahan and Scott Nelson of Joovv on the OPP:

  • What sparked interest in light?
  • Steps to building the business
    • Product/market fit
  • What is photobiomodulation?
  • What wavelength is your device producing?
  • The intensity of the light most important factor
  • What the sun and cloudy days can teach us about infrared light
  • How can you implement as part of your daily routine?
  • Products: All red light, all infrared or 50/50 configuration of both
  • Optimize performance – morning or night use the best
  • You cannot have a device that does both well – Saunas vs. photobiomodulation
    • Don’t fall into the marketing hype
  • How our bodies metabolize light will be the future
  • Practice gratitude to recharge yourself
  • Look for ways to reduce stress on your body



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