Why You Should Never Store Your Coffee In The Refrigerator

Why You Should Never Store Your Coffee In The Refrigerator

"Coffee absorbs freon. If you store your coffee in the refrigerator, you're drinking freon.

Don't store your coffee in the fridge. Please. Please, don't store your coffee in the refrigerator." - Lacie Mackey, co-founder Caveman Coffee 

Who is Lacie Mackey?

Lacie Mackey is a professional stunt trainer and CrossFit athlete. She currently trains Hollywood’s leading actors and actresses to prepare for high action stunts on camera. She competed in the Southern California CrossFit Games Regional twice and was on a 2011 team that went to the CrossFit Games.

She is very integrated in the CrossFit community worldwide through her business travels and time competing. She has a background in business marketing and has created and run national programs for Fortune 500 companies over the last 10 years. She now applies this experience to the Caveman operations.

3 Things You Didn't Know About Coffee

1. Coffee is highly absorbent. It will absorb smells, flavors, and nasty things like freon if you allow it. To prevent this, store your coffee in airtight containers away from light and heat. 

2. Coffee is the #2 commodity in the world, second only to oil. As a commodity, it's worth noting that European Union standards are more strict that American standards for what can be imported.

Since mold toxins are a hot topic in coffee, let's use that as our example.

  • In the EU, "for roasted coffee beans and ground roasted coffee, the maximum level of Ochratoxin A (OTA) is set at 5 μg/kg while the maximum is set at 10 μg/kg for soluble coffee (instant coffee)." 
  • The US does not currently list regulations for OTA.
  • In fact,"few other countries outside Europe have imposed limits for OTA, but a number have proposals to do so. Uruguay sets a limit of 50 μg/kg for rice, cereals and dried fruits and Canada sets a limit of 2,000 μg/kg for OTA in pig and poultry feed"

We suggest that you trust only coffee companies that conduct (and share) independent lab testing showing the safety and quality of their product. This is in line with the Natural Stacks Open Source Initiative and we love that Caveman Coffee shares these values. You can read more about the potential health risks of Ochratoxin A here and here.

3. The Rain Forest Alliance Certification on your coffee means more than "Organic". For a product to be awarded this frog symbol on it's packaging, the farm must maintain farming practices that protect soil quality, ensure ecological sustainability beyond the simple "no chemicals used" that organic certifications require.

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