Flow State: The Neuroscience of Getting in "The Zone" with Maximilian Gotzler

Flow State: The Neuroscience of Getting in "The Zone" with Maximilian Gotzler

Flow State.

"The zone."

The mythical state of heightened performance where we can seemingly do no wrong.

It's real.

And while it's commonly associated with elite athletes and extreme sports stars, you don't have surf a 100' wave or base jump from the International Space Station to harness the powers and reap the benefits of flow.


Research shows that flow states increase productivity by 500-700%

That means a single day in flow can produce as much output as as entire week of non-flow state work.

By understanding what flow is, how it works and what triggers it, we can reverse engineer it to enter "the zone" on command for optimal performance.

That's what Maximilan Gotzler is sharing with us on the OPP today.

Maximillion Gotzler on The Concept of Flow

A former NCAA basketball player at Boston University, Maximilian Gotzler is the founder of Flow Grade where he is passionately helping people worldwide find their purpose and optimize physical and mental wellbeing.

"When you’re in Flow, you’re so focused that everything around you falls away. Action and awareness merge. Time dilutes. Ego vanishes. Performance skyrockets. Flow is not some esoteric concept but a measurable state of mind. There are scientific principles working in complex ways that result in this ultimate state of being Human."

While flow states, or "the zone", are usually associated with elite athletes or other performers (comedians, musicians) the last few years have seen a scientific explosion in flow research that is seeking to understand the neurological environment of flow and how we can use it to our advantage (read: hack it).

Max, along with other flow pioneers like Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal, have been at the forefront of bringing this science to the masses so that we can all incorporate more flow into our lives. 

For those of us looking for flow in the office, at home, and on the computer, Max has our ticket to flow - "the MORE that most of us seek".

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What you'll hear from Max on the OPP:

  • The 3 neurological changes of flow (neuroanatomical, chemical, and electrical)
  • Turning off your ego and removing self-judgment
  • The neurotransmitter cocktail of flow
  • The phases of struggle and learning
  • Brain waves associated with flow states
  • Max's tips to dial-up flow state on command at work
  • Flow follows focus
  • The 2 optimal nap lengths
  • Why you need to find your purpose
  • What is Parkinson's Law and how you can use it to increase creativity, productivity and more
  • Biohackers vs. Yogis
  • Chocolate + MAO inhibitors (cinnamon) for a nootropic hack
  • How Max and I use the "One Thing" method to prioritize our days
  • Why multitasking is a myth..."suckers for irrelevancy" as Stanford researcher put it
  • Where you find more of Max & Flow Grade
  • Max's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal

Links & Resources

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Books Mentioned:

Parkinson’s Law

The Pomodoro App I use

Stanford Study on Multitasking

We love CILTEP as a flow trigger..."flow follows focus"

Let's hear your favorite flow state triggers. Leave us a comment below!

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