How NLP, Hypnosis, and Subliminal Messaging Increase Success

How NLP, Hypnosis, and Subliminal Messaging Increase Success

"The battle is won (and lost) in the mind." - paraphrasing Sun Tzu in, The Art of War.

There is no doubt that our mindset plays a crucial role in how we experience the world.

Fortunately, we have many tools at our disposal to optimize our mindset and maximize our chances of success.

NLP, hypnosis, and subliminal messages are three such tools that we can use to positively alter and empower our minds in an effort to drive increased success

They can be used to help us alter thought patterns, calm our nerves, increase focus, change our habits and reach our goals.

We're taking a closer look at how we can leverage them for success in this week's OPP.

Meet Tony Wrighton

Our guest on this week's OPP is Sky Sports News host Tony Wrighton. (Sky Sports News is the UK's version of ESPN News.)I Tony is also a speaker, author and host of the Zestology Podcast, a top-ranked show focused on improving health, energy and vitality. 

Tony is trained in NLP, or neurolinguistic programming and possesses a unique skill set that integrates verbal language, body language and some other cool techniques to control the mind for increased happiness and results.

What is NLP?

The most common advocate or practitioner of NLP is Tony Robbins. If you've heard him speak - or seen him in person - you know the power of these techniques. 

Here's an example from Tony on the podcast.

Imagine you're a parent trying to get 7-year-old to clean his or her room:

A) Are you going to clean your room tonight?

B) Do you think you'll clean your room before or after dinner?

(B is the NLP technique.)

In this podcast, we explore ways to use NLP, hypnosis, and subliminal messages to empower our own minds in an effort to increase success.

We also discuss becoming an expert on any topic, learning from people who have succeeded before you and the importance of disconnecting for a few hours everyday.

Listen to the Optimal Performance Podcast on-the-go:

What you'll hear from Tony Wrighton on the OPP:

  • How Tony became a TV star, author, and podcast host
  • What is NLP - neuro linguistic programming?
  • Can NLP help a parent get their 7-year old to clean his/her room?
  • Applications of NLP to reach our goals & #LiveOptimal
  • Modeling behaviors (morning routines) vs modeling values
  • The “take people out for coffee” method
  • How to wake up when you want without an alarm
  • The pros and cons of tracking and measuring your health data (Yoga increases Tony’s energy 5.4%)
  • Tapping - Emotional Freedom Therapy
  • Tony's 30 second trick to shut off internal dialogue and increase focus
  • Natural ways to boost testosterone
  • Benefits of meditation - and more importantly, easy tips to find time and ways to meditate in the midst of your busy life
  • How (and why) Tony used hypnosis to land his dream job
  • Subliminal message Apps for your phone to help boost your mood
  • The importance of disconnecting or turning off technology for 2-6 hours a day
  • Where to find more of Tony
  • Tony Wrighton's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal

Links & Resources

Tony’s website

Zestology Podcast

Subliminal Message App (Android) 

Subliminal Messages (iOS)

Betty Erickson Method (Self hypnosis)

Tapping - Emotional Freedom Therapy

Energy Therapy Center (Tony's EFT centre in the UK)

Pine Pollen from Surthrival

D-Aspartic Acid on Examine

Stinging Nettle on Examine (go to scientific research, section 2.1)

Study on Stinging Nettle & SHBG

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