Olympian Tony Jeffries on Success in Competition, Business, and Life

Olympian Tony Jeffries on Success in Competition, Business, and Life

Olympian Tony Jeffries has accomplished a feat few others have - or will.

Representing his country at the highest level, he's persevered through 8 years of training, taken thousands of punches (literally), and kept moving forward - ultimately standing on the podium and bringing home a coveted Olympic Medal.

Today, Tony is off the podium, running 2 successful gyms in Los Angeles, California and talking to us on the Optimal Performance Podcast about the secrets of his success - in boxing, in business, and in life.

Meet Olympic Medalist Tony Jeffries, Owner of Box N Burn Fitness

Tony Jeffries is a high performer by any definition.

He's won an Olympic medal in boxing. He has an undefeated record as a professional boxer. He owns not 1, but 2 thriving boxing gyms in the LA-area. He also hosts the Box N Life podcast, trains a few professional fighters and created the Box N Burn Academy where he trains other coaches how to coach boxing.

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to get in the ring with Tony and throw a few punches at him before throwing questions at him on the OPP.

Namely, how does he get it all done and what are his secrets to success.

Tony landed most of the punches in the ring - and he lands just as many nuggets of wisdom in this interview.

Tony is a passionate, humble, hungry man. It was a pleasure to spend a few hours with him and I know you're going to enjoy this podcast and learn a lot.

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What You'll Learn From Tony Jeffries on the OPP: 

  • Tony’s biggest lesson from traveling the globe to compete
  • The best - and second best - moments of Tony’s life (neither were the birth of his kids)
  • What it’s like to devote 8 years to a training program for the Olympics
  • How Tony used visualization to drive his success
  • How stress destroys competency and mental performance
  • The value of a good poker face - in boxing and life
  • Leaders set the tone
  • How Tony teaches personal trainers to coach boxing
  • Seeking the best mentors and forging mental toughness
  • Why “having the right people on the bus” isn’t enough for a team or organization to be successful
  • Where you can find Tony
  • Tony Jeffries Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal

Links & Resources:

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Tony’s social media accounts: IG | Twitter | Facebook

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Gabriele Fitness (<-- If you're in N, NE New Jersey, check this place out!)

Peak Brain Institute in LA

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