OPP 101: Tait Fletcher on Self-Esteem, 6 Needs of the Soul, Contemplating the Ego/Self

As you learned in Part 1 of our conversation with Tait Fletcher, feelings aren't facts.

All those anxious emotions and self-sabotaging feelings amount to little else than a drop of water in the pan in the grand scheme of things.

The sooner you internalize this fact, the better off you'll be.

In Part 2, we continue our conversation with Tait and uncover some of the fundamental aspects of the Self that we must all learn to master and work to align in order to live happier, healthier, and more purposeful lives.

To optimize your life isn't just about acknowledging what makes you tick, it's about continually working at each one of those factors, honing in on and refining them, and making them align with your mission statement in life. 

"Your interest in life will determine your usefulness in the world"

When it comes to approaching things like success and how to make more money, a lot of people have it backwards.

They focus on the end result, whether that is the amount of money in the bank, or the amount of power or prestige they envision for their future selves.

By focusing on these external outcomes and conditions, you're failing to see what's right in front of you -- what you really need to focus on in order to build the life you want for yourself.

Especially if you're a young person -- intent on paving your own unique path in the world -- your focus should be trained on these two things:

  1. Learning as much as you can about how the world works.
  2. Sharpening your abilities and identifying how you can be of service to the world.

Instead of continuously chasing the quick payoff -- the short-term gratification -- you'll be investing in yourself and cultivating the skills and sensibilities that will pay off in dividends down the line (morally, financially, physically, and spiritually). 

"Most people are hammers or screw drivers. What happens when you become a Swiss army knife? What about when you become a whole tool box?"

To build lasting success in life means making yourself as valuable as possible and approaching the world from the mindset of "service first". 

What You'll From Tait Fletcher in Episode #101 of the OPP:

  • The real meaning of love and self-care
  • The 6 human needs and how every thing we do is seeking to meet them
  • How to embrace failure and respond accordingly
  • Why you can't save your face and your ass at the same time
  • How to manage ego, depression and yourself
  • How your interest in life contributes to your value in life
  • Practical solutions to low self-esteem
  • The not-so-secret "secret to success"
  • Tait Fletcher's Top Three Tips to #Live Optimal

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