OPP 160 - The Minimum Effective Dose of Fitness

OPP 160 - The Minimum Effective Dose of Fitness

Minimum Effective Dose. 

If you're like me, you're interested in getting the most from the least. That's really the nature of bio-hacking and performance optimization right?

How can we all get the most return from our output. What movements, dietary supplements, and therapies can we lean on to perform at our highest levels? 

If you're jiving with this... you should be rowing.

Greg Hammond from Concept2 joined me for a ranging conversation about fitness, performance and active lifestyles.  Greg really broke down why rowing is the ideal exercise - it goest something like this. 

- More than any other exercise equipment the rower engages your entire body, from your ankles all the way up to the top of your shoulders. 

The rowing motion safely and consistently engages your quads, which are obviously essential for your physical performance.

- Each rowing motion engages your core. It's a contraction and release motion that's like doing a ton of crunches. 

So who uses the Concept2 rower?

High performers.

There are several Concept2 rowing machines at the Olympic Games in Peyong Chang, South Korea. Olympic Biathlon competitor Emily Dreissigacker who is the daughter of the Concept2 founders and former Olympians Judy Greer and Dick Dreissigacker.

Who else trains on the Concept2?

• 2016/2017 Crossfit Champion Mat Fraser
• Crossfit phenom Rich Froning
• Hugh Jackman
• Countless Olympic athletes
• Natural Stacks co-founder Ben Hebert (wink)

Greg and I talk about the future of exercise and how genetic technology, blood testing and bespoke recovery approaches will continue to evolve. As an exercise science major in college, Greg mentioned that there wasn't much information about blood markers or the recovery process. It'll be interesting to see where it leads. And by golly, I'm committed to staying at the cutting edge. 

Greg also gives all of us an intro to the rowing machine. Heck, I learned something. 

Did I mention we're giving one of these bad-boys away? In addition to the Concept2 Rower we're also adding a Polar H10 heart rate monitor to elevate your home fitness game.

As always, thanks for listening, and hit me up for feeback!


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