Why You Should Burn Your Couch and Seek Adversity Daily

Why You Should Burn Your Couch and Seek Adversity Daily

Meet Rick Alexander

If you yearn for more than the status quo, this episode of the OPP is for you.

Our guest this week is Rick Alexander, a self-proclaimed human movement advocate, US Military Veteran, entrepreneur who owns 2 businesses, podcaster (LionHeart Radio), author of the upcoming book Burn Your Couch and ultra-endurance athlete, who recently finished the Tahoe 200, where he ran 205 miles in 76 hours.

Rick, like many of us, is intensely curious about the limits of our potential - both physical and mental. He's constantly pushing his own boundaries, documenting them through his podcast, articles, and now his book (and an upcoming project we discuss on the podcast) so that he can help others do the same in their lives.

This is fantastic glimpse into the mind and habits of one of the strongest-minded individuals you will ever meet. 

My Big 3 Takeaways:

  1. Don't confuse comfort for happiness.
  2. Expose yourself to adversity as often as possible - even daily as Rick does.
  3. Take time to reflect. Many of us are committed to life-long growth and evolution, but it is the stillness between experiences that allows us to identify our gaps/shortcomings/blind spots that we need to strengthen in order to continue growing.

What You'll Learn From Rick Alexander

  • The Science of Choice Architecture and how you can use it to drive better decisions
  • Why willpower is overrated / "You can’t eat what you don’t have"
  • Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face
  • Time to open that aperture so you can grow and evolve
  • How to reframe failure for learning
  • Why you need to get space between your actions and thoughts
  • The benefit of putting yourself in as many adverse situations as possible
  • Don’t mistake being comfortable for being happy
  • Suffer under your own power
  • Rick's Bucket List Blueprint
    • Find your bucket list and do every thing on it now - don't wait!
    • Pick happy over normal
    • Life is too short to do dumb stuff you don’t want to do
  • Why we all need something that has purpose
  • Type 2 fun (it's much more fun than Type 2 Diabetes)
  • How to us “This is good, because…” statements
  • Rick's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal



Questions? Comments? Let us know below.

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