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A new study from the University of Arkansas shows us that caffeine boosts our ability to solve problems and focus but it doesn't stimulate creativity. 

Caffeine consumption is common amongst those in the creative fields… writers, musicians, designers, advertising professionals, so the researchers were curious about whether or not caffeine had an impact on creativity. 

To determine the effects, a study was done taking 80 volunteers who were given a 200mg pill of caffeine, or a placebo sugar pill. They used a randomized, double-blind design to rule out any bias from each participant thinking or believing they received the caffeine.

For reference, they tested to see if the caffeine had an impact on increasing divergent thinking, which is associated with creative idea generation. 

The researchers found that those who consumed 200mg of caffeine (roughly equivalent to a standard 12 ounce cup of coffee), demonstrated a significantly enhanced ability to problem-solve compared to those without caffeine. However, there were no significant effects on working memory or divergent thinking.

Here’s what the lead researcher had to say about the study:

“The 200mg enhanced problem solving significantly, but had no effect on creative thinking. It also didn’t make it worse, so keep drinking your coffee; it won’t interfere with these abilities.” - source

Keep in mind… caffeine might not help you be more creative, but it can help you stay focused and productive.

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