Natural Stacks Shares Top Books, Advice and Secrets for Success

Natural Stacks Shares Top Books, Advice and Secrets for Success

Quick, what's the best advice you've ever received?

How about the best books you read last year? Or the 2-3 most valuable things you learned in 2016?

These are a few of the rapid-fire questions answered by the Natural Stacks team on this hot-seat episode of the Optimal Performance Podcast.

Meet The Natural Stacks Team

Last week, our remote Natural Stacks team converged and took over snowy Breckenridge, Colorado.

We worked hard on some new projects and made big plans for the future.

And of course, with world-class slopes and fresh powder, we played hard too.

I also put each member of the team on the "hot seat" for another fan-favorite episode of the OPP.

If you haven't seen the hot seat episode from the Bulletproof Conference, check it out here.

Here's how the hot seat works. At Bulletproof, 9 experts got the same 5 questions. Each expert is on the hot seat for 5-10 minutes. The result is pure gold for you the listener.

That's exactly what we did in this episode, with a few modifications to the questions.

Doing this podcast with the NS team allows you to get to know our squad, hear about some of our upcoming initiatives, and hear how we're optimizing our routines.

Listen to the Optimal Performance Podcast on-the-go:

What you'll hear from the Natural Stacks team on the OPP:

  • The best advice we've ever received (x 5!)
  • Our favorite books of 2016
  • Should we read new material - or master the previous learned?
  • The most valuable lessons we learned in 2016
  • Our favorite Natural Stacks products and why
  • Why measuring and logging your food is crucial for optimal performance
  • 5 new biohacks that we're currently using to achieve optimal performance
  • Roy's secret recipes for Bulletproof Coffee
  • Upcoming projects - New NS website, Open Source Initiative, and more...


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