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According to a meta-analysis of 25 randomized controlled trials comprising 11,321 subjects points to the idea that Vitamin D supplementation helps reduce the risk of acute respiratory tract infection.

Why Does It Matter?: Acute (meaning severe) respiratory infections are a significant cause of death all over the world and are responsible for 10% of ambulance visits in the USA. There was an estimated 2.65 million deaths in 2013 worldwide.

The Details: It’s been noted that low serum (in the blood) concentrations of Vitamin D correlate with the susceptibility of contracting a respiratory tract infection.

Moreover, the meta-analysis tells us the following:

  • Of all the studies analyzed, Vitamin D supplementation resulted in a significant reduction in respiratory tract infections.
  • Vitamin D seems to have a protective effect, possibly offering prevention of respiratory infections.
  • Daily, or weekly (30,000 IU) doses of Vitamin D in those who are severely deficient (who have less than 25nmol/L in their serum measurement) seemed to be the most beneficial over a large dose (greater than 30,000 IU) at once.

Practical Application: Knowing what we know about Vitamin D according to these studies as well as the reported ¾ of Americans being deficient in Vitamin D, getting more Vitamin D3 can be beneficial for health and wellness.

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