Why Learning Is The Only Skill That Matters

Why Learning Is The Only Skill That Matters

If we develop our ability learn, there is no new skill, trait or ability that is outside our grasp.

Developing this ability to learn - especially at an accelerated rate - literally makes us limitless. 

With a little dedication and perseverance, nothing will be outside our grasp.

Super Learner Jonathan Levi explains why and how we can develop this super power for yourself.

Meet Jonathan Levi

Jonathan Levi is a serial entrepreneur, lifehacker and super learner.

He’s the host of the Becoming a SuperHuman podcast and he’s helped more than 70,000 people improve their reading speed and learning abilities.

(See my appearance on the Becoming SuperHuman Podcast here.)

On today’s OPP, he shares his best advice to help you read faster, learn more, and improve your memory.  

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    What you'll hear from Jonathan Levi on the OPP:

    • Super Learner live by different rules
    • The difference between mindset, firmware, and software - and why you focus on upgrading each
    • Knowledge without implementation is - at best - wasted knowledge
    • Improving memory hinges on these 3 crucial concepts
    • Myths about learning
    • "Neurons that fire together, wire together"
    • Using the skill of learning to do anything
    • You're "reading wrong" if speed - and comprehension - is your goal...learn the secrets of effective speed reading
    • "It sounds like a silly tip"...but it works every single time
    • Jonathan's favorite tips, hacks, and suggestions for peak performance
    • Hear the 3 books Jonathan thinks every human should read
    • Where you can find more of Jonathan Levi
    • Jonathan Levi's Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal

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    Links & Resources

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    Becoming A SuperHuman

    Youngest Memory Champ Alex Mullen explains Memory Palaces on the OPP

    Hermann Ebbinghouse

    Hebb’s Law: "Neurons that fire together, wire together."

    Malcom Knowles

    Tim Ferris Blog - Triple Your Reading Speed in 5 minutes

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