is a New Zealand website operating from and subject to the laws of New Zealand. It contains unlisted therapeutic goods and therapeutic claims which have not been evaluated or endorsed by the Australian Government.

All orders are sent from New Zealand and delivered via Australia Post's tracked eParcel service.

The Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 and regulation 12(1) and item 1 of schedule 5 of the Therapeutic Goods Regulations 1990 allows Individuals to legally source and import unlisted therapeutic goods for personal use under the Personal Importation Scheme.

Before ordering therapeutic products from this site, please note the conditions below, and the following advice from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration(TGA)

We recommend that you consult a health professional before using any health product to ensure that the product is right for you. This is particularly important in the case of any pre-existing medical condition.

Personal importation occurs when:

an individual arranges, from within Australia, for a therapeutic good to be sent to them from an overseas supplier or family/friend; and
the goods are to be used by that individual or a member of his/her immediate family and are not sold or supplied to any other person.
Therapeutic goods imported under the Personal Importation Scheme do not need to be listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods for supply in Australia. Under the Personal Importation Scheme, individuals may import 3 months’ supply of unapproved therapeutic goods into Australia without any approval from the TGA provided that:

the goods are for the treatment of the individual or the treatment of their immediate family; and
they do not supply (sell or give) the medicine to any other person; and
where possible, the medicines or medical devices are kept in their original packaging with any dispensing labels intact; and
the goods are not restricted under Australian Customs controls or quarantine rules and the goods do not contain a controlled substance; and
the goods are not injections that contain material of human or animal origin (except insulin); and
the total quantity of the goods imported within a 12 month period does not exceed 15 months supply of the goods (for medicines, at the maximum dose recommended by the manufacturer); and
if the goods are medicines in Schedule 4 or 8 of the Poisons Standard a prescription from an Australian-registered medical practitioner is held for the medicines.




The information on this website is intended for your general information. It is not a substitute for medical advice from a health care professional and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Do not disregard medical advice or postpone consultation with your health care professional because of information that you have read on this website. Always read the label of any supplements or natural health products you purchase and use only as directed. You should consult a health care professional before using any health products if you have a pre-existing medical condition, or if symptoms persist.

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