Creatine is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps supply energy to cells, especially muscle cells. [1]

It acts like a battery by storing ATP (adenosine triphosphate) that the cells can use as fuel at any time. [2] Creatine supplementation increases the size of your battery so that you can sustain long-lasting mental energy or quickly recover from a workout.

Creatine is best-known for it’s ability to improve muscle gains and overall physical performance. [3-6] Many people aren't aware that supplementing with creatine can also significantly boost brain power. It’s been demonstrated to enhance cognition [7-10], delay mental fatigue [11], improve neuroprotection [12,13], and promote anti-aging. [14,15]

In its natural state creatine can be found in foods like beef and pork, although most of it gets broken down during cooking.


BioCreatine™is a novel formula designed with creatine monohydrate plus the unique advantages of Himalayan Pink Salt and Fenugreek Extract.

Research suggests that these compounds can help transport creatine into the brain and body without having to consume simple carbohydrates.

Himalayan Pink Salt for Maximum Creatine Uptake

Creatine and sodium are “co-transporters”, meaning that creatine absorption is dependent on having adequate levels of sodium. [16-18] However people typically take creatine after working out when their body’s sodium levels are severely depleted (caused by sweating and electrolyte dilution from drinking a lot of water).

Himalayan Pink Salt is included in BioCreatine™ to optimize sodium levels for maximum creatine uptake.

Regarded as the highest quality and most nutrient-dense source of sodium on the planet, Himalayan Pink Salt contains more than 84 trace minerals and key electrolytes for optimal health and hydration.

Fenugreek Extract for Absorption and Performance

In the mid-1990's it was discovered that creatine's muscle absorption could be significantly increased with high-glycemic carbohydrates (by simulating an insulin response). [19-23] Insulin assists in the transport of creatine and other nutrients into muscle cells. This is why most commercially available creatine products include sugar or some other form of carbohydrates.

Fenugreek Extract naturally activates the insulin receptor [24,25], creating an effective way to improve creatine absorption without without having to consume carbohydrates. In fact research has shown that creatine + fenugreek is just as effective as creatine + carbohydrates. [26]

Fenugreek Extract also helps achieve peak performance by increasing testosterone [27,28] and endurance. [29]