Suggested Use: Take 1-3 servings per day with water, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Natural BCAAs™ can be used before/during/after workouts to boost physical performance, or anytime to preserve muscle, accelerate recovery, and boost energy.

U.S.A. manufactured in a cGMP facility. Natural Stacks proudly uses only the highest quality ingredients.


L-Leucine is the one amino acid with the greatest impact on protein synthesis. It helps grow, protect, and heal both muscles and bones. Although certain foods do contain L-Leucine, this essential amino acid in it’s free form is absorbed much quicker.


L-Isoleucine promotes glucose uptake during exercise and helps provide cellular energy. During training it’s used as fuel by muscle cells, sparing other amino acids from being burned up and preventing loss of muscle mass.


L-Valine promotes nitrogen balance which is essential for muscular growth. It can also stimulate the central nervous system and assist in regulating blood sugar levels.


Beta-Alanine naturally increases levels of carnosine which helps reduce lactic acid build-up. It has been shown to enhance muscular endurance, prevent fatigue, and improve physical performance.

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