Guest post by Allison Wojtowecz  BS, BA, CPT, Pn1
Founder & CEO Flabs To Fitness


On a scale of 1-10, how stressed out does being late for work make you feel?

As a student, coach, and entrepreneur, my schedule HAS to operate like a well-oiled machine.

I wake up every morning between 400 - 4:30 am, never later.

I pack up all my food, workout gear, books, and supplies for the day. Then I leapfrog from work to internship to class to second internship, somehow finding time to eat, sleep, workout, then come back home...

*Face plant*

Usually, I mange this hectic schedule without a hitch, but a few weeks ago, thanks to a late-night workout session, I woke up 30 minutes after my alarm went off.

Oversleeping by 30 minutes?

To most people, this wouldn't be a big deal.

For me? This hiccup would normally set me off into full-blown panic mode. 

The gym where I work? Not somewhere you can ever be late to.

I’m literally the person who unlocks the doors, bright and early, just in time for the grumpy old men to get their 5 am calisthenics in.

If I’m not there at least 5 minutes early, it’s a guarantee I’ll hear about it until their workout is over.

If I’m even 2 minutes late, they’ll really raise hell and try to get me fired (I’m not making that mistake again...).

Situations like these are stressful for everybody.

However,  this was my 5th day in a row taking Serotonin Brain Food™.

And let me tell you...

This hiccup in my oh-so-careful routine felt just like that: a hiccup.

It DIDN’T rock my foundation and throw me off course.

There was NO panic-mode sending me into a downward spiral.


I calmly (but quickly) got out of bed, sped through a condensed version of my morning routine, and somehow got to the gym 2 minutes before opening.

Heck, the old country club crew actually thanked me for being early. 


This is just one example of how Serotonin Brain Food™ kept my head cool during an extremely stressful situation, but I could probably tell you about at least a DOZEN more.

Try this stuff and save $10 on your first bottle!

So, what the heck is this stuff anyway?

For starters, this is not bottled up serotonin.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter associated with positive mood and happy thoughts.

While serotonin can be found in some foods, it’s not something you can just take in a pill or capsule.

It’s also not 5-HTP.

Another popular supplement and natural precursor to serotonin.

What is it then?

The folks at Natural Stacks call it Serotonin “Brain Food”, and that’s exactly what it is.





Here’s the co-founder, Roy Krebs, to explain it further.

See, you might have heard that tryptophan supplements aren't very effective by themselves.

But when it's combined with the right cofactors and precursors, it is much more effective.

That's why the formula includes Rhodiola Rosea, an herb that's been used in traditional Chinese Medicine to help reduce cortisol (the stress hormone), and enhances tryptophan's conversion into serotonin.

Serotonin Brain Food™ also includes the known vitamin and mineral cofactors to support healthy neurotransmitter metabolism. 

Each ingredient in the formula is there for a specific reason, in the precise amount, to provide the body with the raw materials it needs to improve serotonin balance.

Here's a nerdy diagram of how Serotonin Brain Food's ingredients influence natural Serotonin metabolism.

To spare you the complexity, here's how I think about it:

Your brain is an incredibly delicate, complex organ system right?

And honestly, we're still not 100% sure how it works.


We are sure that to support healthy neurotransmitter balance (i.e. the sweet spot between too much and too little) it makes sense to give the body only the necessary building blocks it needs to maintain a healthy balance of this amazing "feel good" molecule.

Only the essential ingredients, in the exact amounts. Nothing more, nothing less.

Overcoming complex issues like stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts demands a careful, multi-tiered approach. If you have any pre-existing conditions or have a history of taking other medications ALWAYS CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR before taking any new supplements. 

If you’re already striving to live a happy, healthy life, Serotonin Brain Food™ can provide the tools you need to overcome stressful situations with grace and ease naturally.

You won't experience the uplifting benefits if you don't give it a try, so pick up a bottle! 

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