Abelard Lindsey on Dopamine Brain Food

Abelard Lindsey on Dopamine Brain Food

Dopamine Brain Food creator Abelard Lindsay discusses dopamine metabolism, optimizing our habits, motivation, productivity and how to use Dopamine Brain Food.

Abelard Lindsay, product formulator at Natural Stacks and creator of CILTEP, is on Episode 29 of the Optimal Performance Podcast to help us understand dopamine metabolism, what drives our motivation, impulses, everything you need to know about Dopamine Brain Food.

Sit back and enjoy this one!


What You'll Hear From Abelard Lindsay and learn about Dopamine in this episode:

  • What is Dopamine?
  • Too much - or too little dopamine...the issues and what you should be looking for
  • Channeling dopamine's novelty seeking characteristics to be more productive
  • What influences dopamine levels and dopamine metabolism
  • The cast of 5 dopamine receptors and their respective roles
  • How Dopamine Brain Food sets the stage for optimal dopamine metabolism
  • SAM-e, homocysteine and what you need to know
  • Synergistic effects with catuaba, cocoa, green tea and deprenyl
  • Stacking Axon Labs products with Natural Stacks products
  • Using Krill Oil to get more from your nootropics
  • Get more from Abelard
  • Abelard's Top 3 tips to Live Optimal

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Dopamine Studies, Links & Articles Mentioned By Abelard

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Apathy and Impulse Control Disorders: Yin & Yang of Dopamine Dependent Behaviors

Neurobiology of the structure of personality: dopamine, facilitation of incentive motivation, and extraversion

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