Martin Jacobson on Poker, Nootropics and CILTEP

Martin Jacobson on Poker, Nootropics and CILTEP

2014 World Series of Poker Champion Martin Jacobson is quiet, humble, and unassuming. Don't let that fool you as you listen to this podcast - he embodies all that we come to expect from our Champions!

Martin battled, hustled, and sacrificed for 7 years before bursting into stardom with his $10 Million victory on ESPN last November. In this conversation, we explore something Martin admits to not having discussed before - the behind-the-scenes road to becoming a World Champion and how he's focused to STAY on top.

Here's what stands out to me: pay attention to how a Champion overcomes obstacles, trusts his abilities, and moves forward - even if the path doesn't seem obvious.

Martin's answers and path highlight what happens when we don't quit, trust ourselves, study our craft, strategize, remain positive, continue to learn and seek ways to be more and simply be better.

These are the traits of a Champion.

Listen closely to Martin and see if you can pick up on these traits in action...



What you'll hear from Martin Jacobson in this episode:

  • The journey to the top of the Poker world
  • Turning passion into profession and how the movie Rounders...
  • Take the cash payout or invest in your dream
  • Taking honest assessments of your strengths & weaknesses and how to learn something about yourself and your mission from every experience
  • Staying on top - keeping the hunger after achieving your life's goal
  • What it's like to compete against the people you grew up admiring
  • Why $10,000,000 doesn't change your life!
  • Staying focused, strong and positive during the inevitable down times
  • Martin's Top 3 Tips to #liveoptimal
  • Where to find more of Martin Jacobson



Success does not happen overnight. You've got to be committed to your pursuit and you've got to be willing to invest your time - lot's of it. Martin's 7 year odyssey to winning the WSOP is a great reminder that those who appear to hit "instant success" have been grinding outside of the spotlight for years. Are you investing that same sweat equity in YOUR DREAMS?

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