American Ninja Warrior Finalist David Yarter

American Ninja Warrior Finalist David Yarter

American Ninja Warrior Finalist David Yarter joins the Optimal Performance Podcast to discuss obstacle course training, self-improvement, mentally preparing for the unknown, and finding your flow state when the stakes are high.

In 2014 David Yarter reached the finals of American Ninja Warrior. After a Top 40 finish, he's helping his father run a Ninja Warrior-style training facility called Power Park Fitness while training to get back to the finals in search of the ultimate victory.

In today's episode of the OPP, we explore preparing for the unknown, "hacking" the flow state for peak performance, and tackling life - and obstacle courses - one hurdle at a time.

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What you'll hear from David Yarter on this episode:

  • What it's really like to compete in American Ninja Warrior
  • How to STAND OUT among thousands (in David's case 40,000) of others gunning for the same goal as you
  • How to stay mentally and physically prepared while waiting for hours to perform
  • Knowing your strengths & weaknesses, using visualization, and trusting your training
  • Mentally preparing for the unknown
  • Replicating the high-stakes elements of competition in your training
  • Why you SHOULD NOT do anything special or different on the day of your competition/game
  • The role of flow in physical performance and how to "hack" your own flow state when it matters most
  • How to overcome your fears - and use them for fuel rather than being paralyzed or crippled by them
  • The benefits of exercise methods that provides cognitive stimulation - and HAVING FUN!
  • Using nootropics during workouts, training sessions, and in competition
  • Yet another podcast guest extolling the benefits of sleep and proper diet
  • David's Top 3 Tips to #liveoptimal
  • David's American Ninja Warrior inspired challenge workout.
  • Where to find more or David Yarter & Power Park Fitness

"You look at the obstacle in front of you. Once you conquer that one, you continue on to the next one." - David Yarter

Links & Resources

Power Park Fitness

Power Park on Instagram & Facebook

Book Recommendations:

  1. Top Dog: The Science Of Winning And Losing by Ashley Merryman
  2. The Rise Of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance by Steven Kotler

The American Ninja Warrior Inspired Workout Challenge: American Ninja WarriorInspired Workout Challenge (1)


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Drop a comment below to continue the conversation. And if try the Ninja Warrior-inspired workout, post your rounds completed below!

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