Magnesium-L-Threonate Improves Cognitive Function and Lowers Brain Age

Magnesium-L-Threonate Improves Cognitive Function and Lowers Brain Age


The Journal of Alzheimer's Disease recently published a study showing exciting news that magnesium-l-threonate increases synapse density, increases cognitive function and lowers brain age by 9 years.

Let's Review The Role and Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential mineral - essential meaning it must be obtained through our diet or supplemented - that is involved in over 325 biochemical processes. These processes include protein synthesis, cardiovascular health, immune system function, and of course sleep, relaxation, learning and memory. It’s impossible to achieve optimal mental and physical performance without maintaining proper levels of magnesium.

The Study

The double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial focused on a compound labeled MMFS-01, also known as magnesium-l-threonate (MagTein as it is trademarked), as a treatment for cognitive impairment in the elderly. The results are nothing short of groundbreaking. Researchers found that with magnesium-l-threonate treatment "overall cognition improved significantly at week 6 and maintained improvement at week 12".  
MagTein Study graph


The researchers also concluded that it improved 'brain age' by 9 years based on "restored impaired executive function of the subjects" (age 50-70). [1]

These results are HUGE. Think about it, a simple mineral so powerful and effective that it’s going into clinical trials to possibly treat and prevent age-related cognitive decline. And we have access to it right now without a prescription!


The Results & Findings:
  • MagTein increases synapse density - Synapses are the places where our neurons connect, transmit signals and communicate. The more synapses we have, the greater potential we have for faster and more efficient cognitive functioning. (Sort of like more light fixtures increases the amount of light you have in your home) [1]
  • MagTein increases cognitive ability - This is due to increased synaptic density. In the study, working memory, executive function, episodic memory and attention increased even in people who were exhibiting early sign of cognitive decline. Imagine what it can do for healthy brains to both improve and protect our most crucial organ. [1]
  • MagTein decreases cognitive fluctuation - fewer "bad" days. Nobody enjoys “down” days. We may not be able to prevent them altogether, but we now have scientific evidence that we can have fewer such days! And we all know consistency is key for both success and long-term health. We’re all for a natural compound that increases long-term brain health and improves cognition. [1]

It's also important to note that magnesium-l-threonate is the only magnesium compound to effectively cross the blood-brain barrier.  So NO, not all magnesium supplements are created equal.

Yes, magnesium is still great for fighting muscular fatigue, decreasing anxiety, boosting your immune system, improving attention and deeper sleep. [2] That’s why we made sure to include both magnesium glycinate and magnesium taurate along with the magnesium-l-threonate in our MagTech Magnesium Complex.

Magnesium glycinate reduces stress and increases sleep quality while magnesium taurate is absorbed easily by our cells and promotes feelings of calm, relieves muscle fatigue and boosts our immune system.

When you add the breakthrough magnesium-l-threonate, you'll ensure that your magnesium reaches your brain for enhanced cognition, and neurological protection through the aging process.

Magnesium should be an essential supplement in everyone’s daily stack - but this latest research makes it even more crucial for parents and grandparents. 

We really do have the power to enhance our brains performances AND protect them for life. Here’s your simple 3-pronged approach:

  1. Avoid excess sugar intake to keep glycation to a minimum and protect telomeres,
  2. Load up on coconut oil and other MCT’s for optimal brain fuel, and
  3. Supplement with synapse increasing MagTein.

Make sure your magnesium isn’t being wasted.Optimize your Magnesium and optimize yourself with MagTech. 


  1. Efficacy and Safety of MMFS-01, a Synapse Density Enhancer, for Treating Cognitive Impairment in Elderly: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial.  Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, vol. Preprint, no. Preprint, pp. 1-19, 2015
  2. Enhancement of learning and memory by elevating brain magnesium. Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

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